Trade Secret and my first official PT session!

Today I had my first official Personal Training session! I've been a member of my gym since 2005 but never had proper Personal Training. When I first joined I was a full time student so I couldn't afford one, later I didn't see the point of hiring a PT. I do group fitness classess on/off but I felt like I needed something extra.

Now with my wedding coming up I need to look my best on my Big Day as we going to spend considerable money on photography and video.

I have never been overweight but always struggled with my weight. When I was younger I would eat very little and exercise on/off to lose weight. I used to use weight easily but then it would creep back on plus 1-2 extra kg. I used to really cut my calories down  but them when I would eat recommended amount I would gain weight. It became like a viscous circle. I even went on Tony Ferguson diet and followed it religiously for four weeks. I felt like crap at the end and lost only 0.5 kg!

I booked a trial session with my PT so he could write up a program for me and expressed my concerns about eating less than my recommended daily intake and not losing weigh. He told me that years of dieting and starving myself caused me to lose muscle mass therefore my metabolism slowed down a lot. To start with we will be working on building muscle, then we will focus on losing fat as it will be much easier with increased muscle mass. I also have to eat a lot (5-6 times per day) and consume heaps of lean protein.

My PT worked me extra hard today! I will be mega sore tomorrow. It is no longer about numbers for me, it is more about how I look and feel. Getting leaner this way is harder but it is also more enjoyable and rewarding than strict dieting.

I had some time to kill between work and my session so I headed to my local Trade Secret store. I haven't been there for ages! It can be a hit and miss. Majority of stuff they have there is quite cheap but quality is also not that great. Occasionally they will get big brands but you do get left overs from previous seasons or stock that stores don't want.

Today I came across some Yankee Candles! They are huge in USA and girls on Vogue forum rave about them
 From memory Large jars were $29.95, Medium $24.95 and Small $14.95.
From what I can remember they had:
-Beach Walk
-Baby Powder
-Country Lemonade
-Garden Hideaway
-Kitchen Spice
-Lavender Vanilla
-Midnight Jasmine
-Midsummer's Night
-Sparkling Cinnamon
-Pink Lady Slipper
-Pink Sands
-True Rose

They all had divine scent. I think out of them all I liked True Rose as it really smelled like fresh roses, Garden Hideaway as it smelled like greens and flowers and Pink Lady Slipper. However I resisted buying them because I already have fair few candles.


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