Big News and Essie Nail Polish!

I got Engaged!
It happened coupe of months ago but I made the big announcement couple of days ago. I wanted to tell close family and friends personally first. Plus I thought it might be lots of fun to announce it on 1st of April and it was!

My SO proposed to me with temporary shell ring when we were camping (it was very sweet). We decided to pick engagement ring together since it is something I am planning to wear for the rest of my life. We did our research for over 2 weeks and spent few days shopping.

Naturally the rings I liked in stores were either way above our budget and/or way too overpriced. Few people recommended us an online wholesaler and we ended up buying the ring through them! I loved it the minute I saw it! It "spoke" to me :) So this is it (photo is from their web site, my diamond is smaller)

I wanted something Art-Deco/Vintage inspired. I originally wanted a Cushion Cut but after doing a lot of research decided to go with Ideal Round Cut.

This is me wearing my e-ring and Essie French Affair nail polish
This nail polish rocks! I love pale lilac pink colour, it was opaque after 3 coats, dried quickly and lasted for 4 days without chipping! BIG WIN!


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