Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wedding Dress Shopping - Part 2 (Trying them on)

When my initial preparation was completed it was time to hit the shops and try dresses on. I only been to a wedding shop once before when I was a bridesmaid for my gorgeous friend. She already picked her dress and wanted us to see it.
Gorgeous dresses by Wendy Makin

I must say that it was quite confronting at first to try dresses on. I had no idea what I wanted and was asked lots of questions I couldn't answer straight away. Plus I had to undress in front of complete stranger, was squeezed into very tight dress and had to hear lots of comments about my body

First of all right underwear makes the biggest difference in terms of your personal comfort and they way you will look in wedding dress.
I found that plain deep plunge strapless bra was the best! It could be worn with any type of wedding dress. If you are going to wear t-shirt bra sales assistant will most likely make you to take it off and give you their corset (ewww, I refused to wear one) or will dress you while you are topless. I also found that wearing leggings or opaque stocking prevented me from trying dresses on in my undies in close proximity to sales assistants.

Once you get an idea of what suits you and what doesn't don't be afraid to express your honest opinion. For instance your mum and sales assistant might see you as a princess in very big dress but you might see yourself as toilet roll doll. Go with what feels right for you.

In my opinion taking photos of the wedding dresses really helps to compare them and decide which one suits you the best. Unfortunately majority of bridal shops doesn't allow photography. It really doesn't make any sense to me because you can just download the pictures of the dresses you've tried on from their web site!

Finally have fun, try to relax, don't stress over little things! Take it easy and don't attempt to try too many dresses at once. It is like trying to choose a perfume, if you try on too many after a while they will all look the same to you.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wedding Dress Shopping - Part 1 (Preparation)

I can't believe that it has been six months already since we got engaged! My wedding is nine months away and time is ticking fast. It is true what people say, wedding planning is stressful and takes a lot of time.
My reception was booked very early on so we could set a date. Next step on my list was searching for the perfect dress.

The search began three months ago. I had no idea what I wanted and what would suit me. I want it to be special and have that WOW factor when I look at myself in the mirror. However that WOW moment didn't happen to me for a while. All up I've been to ten bridal shops before making my mind up. So I just want to share my tips that helped me choose the right dress and make the whole process easier.

1. Get yourself a Wedding Journal 
It doesn't have to be anything fancy. You can even get yourself a large notebook and glue tabs on yourself.
I got mine on sale for $15 at Typo and it has everything I need. I love how it has tabs for the Budget; Guest List & Invites; Attire, Hair & Make-up; Flowers & the Cake' Music & Entrainment; Ceremony & Cars; Reception; Photos & Video; Gift Registry & Thank you and Honeymoon plus one clear and one paper envelope for receipts etc.

 2. Book an Appointment
In most cases you will need to make an appointment to try on wedding dresses. So I've searched various Bridal Shops and categorised them by location so I could visit 2-3 shops at once. I left plenty of space next to each name so I could write comments about dresses I've tried on.

Saturdays are usually very busy so I was trying to sqeeze my appointments in when I had RDO during weekday. That way you are most likely to be the only bride there and not only you will get more attention from sales assistance but also you won't have to wait for a dress (if another bride is trying it on).

3. Ask your friends/mum/whoever-you-want to come with you.
I must say that its OK to go dress shopping by yourself! If you are good at making decisions and judgement without emotional attachments then go for it! However if you need some honest advise then bring someone with you (I found that some bridal shop staff can be very...ummm... sales-oriented).

Make it fun for them too! Organise a lunch or take them out for a coffee afterwards. If people make time for you and go out of their way to help you with your wedding show them your appreciation!

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Shopbop - Neon Bracelet and MJ earrings!

 After my first very positive Shopbop experience I've decided to place another order. They had 15% off already reduced items and I had my eye on this Juicy Couture bracelet.

Neon trend seems to be big ATM but I wasn't too sure if I could pull off a neon shirt or was committed enough to a neon clutch. So neon accessory seemed like a good choice.
It lived to my expectations, I love it! The quality is good and it looks great on my wrist.
I can see myself wearing it with black, grey or navy dress. I think it will brighten up any outfit without being too OTT.
I also got myself a pair of there cute Marc Jacobs earrings.
They got lots of good reviews on Shopbop so I decided to give them a go.

I really like them! They are perfect for everyday and feel very comfortable. I do however have very sensitive ears and can't wear them for more than 10-12 hours.

P.S I know that I have been MIA recently. I've been so busy with gym, wedding planning, work and life in general that I had to sacrifice a lot of my hobbies. I really enjoy blogging and sincerely hope that I will have a bit more time for it in future.