Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My first DIY necklace!

I adore natural gemstones. They feel nice, have great colour depth and have very unique colours and patterns. I've got several necklaces and were either given to me by my friends and family overseas or purchased over there.

I purchased one particular necklace from Malachite, I just couldn't resist the deep rich shade of green. However I didn't like the length and design. It didn't do Malachite any justice.

I went to Beads and Beads yesterday to get some supplies for my project. I wanted neutral shades to bring out the beauty of rich green gemstone.

I've picked White Shell, Black Agate and small round Crystal beads. I already had broken plain White Crystal necklace so I've incorporated it into design.

Here is my final product

This is going to be my new statement necklace :)

I've got several other necklaces that I would like to re-make.

I think Citrine necklace will be the next one on my list.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day sales Part 2!

Today I've decided to head to the city because my local shopping centre was way to crazy to browse properly.

There was no traffic and I got parking straight away. I parked on the outskirts and only took me 15 minutes to walk to the centre. It was so much more relaxed than my local.

I really like Swarovski jewellery but refuse to pay ridiculous amount of money for it. I found that Duty Free Swarovski is not that much cheaper than stores here. Therefore I tend to wait till sales, they normally have them around mid-year and after Christmas.

I have been admiring their Lunar range. I went to the main store on Queen St mall and saw a pair of Lunar Earrings but they got sold before I could get someone to help me (the store was extra busy). I headed to Myer centre (it was much better) and got this Lunar necklace for $95 reduced from $190.

At Myer Centre I also got this L'Occitane pack for $52 because I absolutely love Almond Tonic Body oil.

You get big 500 ml bottle of Almond shower oil, 75 ml Essential 5 oils shampoo and conditioner and small bath sugar cube all in clear bag (which I'll probably end up throwing out).

Then I went to Beads and Beads and got few strands of beads. I've got a necklace from deep green Malachite but want to remake it because the design doesn't do this beautiful stone any justice.

From Priceline I picked up L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in Taffeta for $10 and mineral powder for $15 (they had L'Oreal sale). I really like Taffeta lipstick, it is a pinkish nude with subtle shimmer. I love L'Oreal lipsticks, they are rich and creamy, come in flattering shades and don't dry my lips out. Plus they are quite affordable. A lot of people dislike the scent, but I like it

Today on my nails I'm wearing China Glaze Below Deck nail polish from Anchors Away collection. I find that this shade is very flattering against my NC25 skin tone. It is a welcome change from my bright red glittery manicure.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Parisian Chic

Today I finished reading "Parisian Chic - a Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange". I ordered it through Book Depository

"Short Description for Parisian Chic: Celebrity model Ines de la Fressange shares the well-kept secrets of how Parisian women maintain effortless glamour and a timeless allure. Her step-by-step do's and don'ts are accompanied by fashion photography, and the book is personalized with her charming drawings."

The book has 4 parts:
1. Dress like a Parisian (Fashion)
2. Belle of the Ball (Beauty)
3. Chez Moi (Home decor)
4. Ines's Paris (Paris Guide)

Part one is about what to wear and how (like a Parisian). It also talks about Magnificent Seven (seven must-have items)- Blazer, Trench, Navy Sweater, Tank, Little Black Dress, Perfect Jeans and Leather Jacket.

It also describes what every Parisian woman has in their shoe collection

Five essential bags

Statement Jewellery

And about half of the book is a reference guide for different stores (including online stores)

I enjoyed reading Belle of the Ball section the most. I like her tips on Lifelong Beauty:
- Be well-groomed
- Smell nice
- Look after your teeth. Have them professionally cleaned every six months
(I couldn't agree more)
- Smile
- Be indulgent
- Be nonchalant and forget your age
- Be cooler and more easy-going
- Be less selfish
- Be passionate about a man, a project, a house. It's an instant facelift
- Do only what suits you. The perfect Zen attitude
- Accept that there will be bad days. And make the most of the good days!

Third section is about home decor, in particular how to decorate and organise small apartments. Finally last chapter talks about less known but exciting places to explore in Paris ("secret" museums, cafes, parks and shops).

This book was easy to read and I've enjoyed reading it. However I wish she talked more about style and less about where I should shop. It also would be nice if she gave few options for different body shapes, like ladies with body type A should wear blazer X and ladies with body type B should wear blazer Y. Even when it comes to basics it is not as simple as one fits all.

Boxing Day!

I've been waiting for few things to go on sale therefore I went to my nearest shopping centre to hunt them down. It took me 30 minutes to find a car park and it was stressful. Sometimes I think Boxing Day brings out the worst in people.
That was my nearest shopping centre around lunch time. It doesn't look too bad, but trust me it was packed.

I got myself two pairs of earrings. I don't buy gold and silver jewellery very often and have very humble precious metal collection. My boyfriend even jokes that if someone broke into my place and tried stealing my jewellery they would probably feel sorry for me and leave $50 inside my jewellery box :) I'm just not into wearing lots of gold rings/chains/pendants etc. I prefer something either very simple and small or quirky. So I got one of each today.

Small gold studs with tiny diamonds

Silver and black CZ wings
I'm wearing China Glaze Dynasty over OPI Vodka and Caviar on my nails. Dynasty is a close cousin of Atlantis, however I like Atlantis way more.

Myer was super crazy today but Review service impressed me. The girl was very friendly and wasn't rushing me despite the chaos around us. I ended up getting black cropped jacket.

David Jones was still packed but not as much as Myer. They had MOR on sale (25% off)! I've been lemming Emporium Candied Vanilla Almond candle for at least 6 months but didn't want to pay $39.95 for it. I picked it up for $29.95

MOR describes it as: Candied Almonds blended with Sugar Blossom are decadently layered upon a base of smooth Vanilla to create this sweetly sophisticated fragrance
It smells as divine as it sounds

I also picked up this cute Marshmallow gift pack for my friend. I think she will love it :)

I finished my shopping adventure with Sushi and Sashimi pack from Sushi Sushi

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Big hair, pretty nails!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Xx

Finally I've managed to get some time to write my first blog entry. I am super excited :)

After seeing TV adds and Youtube videos I've been lemming Vidal Sasson Big Hair Styler. I saw it on special at Shaver Shop and even pre-Christmas madness at my local shopping centre didn't prevent me from getting it. It also came with bonus hair accessories :)

VS Big Hair Styler is a rotating hot air brush with large barrel and soft bristles. It rotates in both directions (clockwise and anti-clockwise). I found that it is not very powerful but I think it might be like that on purpose to prevent people from tangling their hair. It has 2 heat/power setting plus a cool setting.

I have fine straight hair. It is not super hard to style but I always desire more volume. VS Big Hair Styler looked promising however I wasn't expecting miracles. I've used it on almost dry hair and it looked like I had it professionally blow-dried (sorry I don't have any pictured of my hair before and after so you have to take my word for it). I found that if you wind your hair around the brush, them let it stay for few seconds close to your roots you will get more volume. It also works well if you want to make your hair appear more polished without washing it. I just applied dry shampoo, brushed it out, sprayed my mid-length and ends with leave-in conditioner and it worked a treat. I think I'll get a lot of use out of this styler. It might also be handy when I go travelling as it will make a great substitute for a hair dryer and round brush.

One other thing that I'm loving ATM is China Glaze Atlantis nail polish. I have a love/hate relationship with glitter nail polishes. I found in the past that they are nearly impossible to remove, chip easily and feel rough on my nails. However I love how they look, esp. holo versions. China Glaze Atlantis is different to any other glitter nail polishes I've used. The glitter is suspended in jelly-like base and sets inside nail polish as opposed to floating on top of the polish. It feels very smooth on my nails too. However it did started to chip after 1 day. I've use OPI Yodel me on my cell as a base colour.

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