My first DIY necklace!

I adore natural gemstones. They feel nice, have great colour depth and have very unique colours and patterns. I've got several necklaces and were either given to me by my friends and family overseas or purchased over there.

I purchased one particular necklace from Malachite, I just couldn't resist the deep rich shade of green. However I didn't like the length and design. It didn't do Malachite any justice.

I went to Beads and Beads yesterday to get some supplies for my project. I wanted neutral shades to bring out the beauty of rich green gemstone.

I've picked White Shell, Black Agate and small round Crystal beads. I already had broken plain White Crystal necklace so I've incorporated it into design.

Here is my final product

This is going to be my new statement necklace :)

I've got several other necklaces that I would like to re-make.

I think Citrine necklace will be the next one on my list.


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