Parisian Chic

Today I finished reading "Parisian Chic - a Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange". I ordered it through Book Depository

"Short Description for Parisian Chic: Celebrity model Ines de la Fressange shares the well-kept secrets of how Parisian women maintain effortless glamour and a timeless allure. Her step-by-step do's and don'ts are accompanied by fashion photography, and the book is personalized with her charming drawings."

The book has 4 parts:
1. Dress like a Parisian (Fashion)
2. Belle of the Ball (Beauty)
3. Chez Moi (Home decor)
4. Ines's Paris (Paris Guide)

Part one is about what to wear and how (like a Parisian). It also talks about Magnificent Seven (seven must-have items)- Blazer, Trench, Navy Sweater, Tank, Little Black Dress, Perfect Jeans and Leather Jacket.

It also describes what every Parisian woman has in their shoe collection

Five essential bags

Statement Jewellery

And about half of the book is a reference guide for different stores (including online stores)

I enjoyed reading Belle of the Ball section the most. I like her tips on Lifelong Beauty:
- Be well-groomed
- Smell nice
- Look after your teeth. Have them professionally cleaned every six months
(I couldn't agree more)
- Smile
- Be indulgent
- Be nonchalant and forget your age
- Be cooler and more easy-going
- Be less selfish
- Be passionate about a man, a project, a house. It's an instant facelift
- Do only what suits you. The perfect Zen attitude
- Accept that there will be bad days. And make the most of the good days!

Third section is about home decor, in particular how to decorate and organise small apartments. Finally last chapter talks about less known but exciting places to explore in Paris ("secret" museums, cafes, parks and shops).

This book was easy to read and I've enjoyed reading it. However I wish she talked more about style and less about where I should shop. It also would be nice if she gave few options for different body shapes, like ladies with body type A should wear blazer X and ladies with body type B should wear blazer Y. Even when it comes to basics it is not as simple as one fits all.


  1. If you're in Melbourne, there's an amazing book you might like, it's on style. It has tones, cuts you should wear/avoid and other things.

    Colour Me Beautiful ( I got it for $5 from allbooks4less, the city store. Do call to check if they have it first though. :)

  2. That book sounds good. Unfortunately I live in Brisbane but I'll try to find it online. My collegue recommended Trinny and Susanna's book. Has anyone read it?


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