Friday, March 08, 2013

Hi There...

This morning I received am email from Google notifying me that my blog has been deleted! I am not sure why it happened, maybe because I was inactive lately due (or perhaps someone hacked my account and spammed people). My internet was down for 3-4 weeks, my wedding is only 5 weeks away plus hectic work and social life all resulted in me being MIA.

I was a good girl in February and didn't buy anything. Last weekend however I went to Country Road outlet and got this skirt
I never though I could pull it off but 12WBT changed my body shape and helped me lose almost two dress sizes. One year ago I would get size 12 pants, sometimes size 10 if they were from "generous" brands like Witchery or Country Road. When I went shopping last weekend SA asked me if I wanted to try size 6 or 8! I'm far from size 6 but comfortably fit into size 8 :)

Last weekend I was also browsing shelves in my old bedroom at my parents place and saw two Comptoir Sud Pacifique bottles that I got ages ago from David Jones outlet. It was 50ml bottle of Amour de Cacao and 100ml bottle of Mora Bella.

 I think my olfactory senses changes because couple of years ago I didn't appreciate the beauty of these scents. I've been wearing Amour de Cacao non-stop. It is a beautiful true-chocolate perfume that opens up beautifully on skin. I don't usually go for sweet fragrances but Amour de Cacao is truly delicious without being too sweet. Mora Bella is nice too, very fruity fragrance with warm woody/floral base. Mora Bella is pleasant but not a stand out for me like AdC!


  1. I love that skirt, its gorgeous!!
    And I never knew David Jones had an outlet - where is that??

    1. Thank you :)
      They have one at Harbour Town. these days it is a scary place filled with very outdated fashion. Few years ago it was much better and their perfume section was decent. Now you will be lucky to find 3-4 random gift sets there.

  2. You should really contact then to find out what happened. *backs-up blog*

    1. I was searching for their contact details but could only find Q's amd A's...I ended up figuring out myself how to re-activate it.