Saturday, March 30, 2013

Project 10 pan...Jan - March'13

I finished another lot of 10 items. It is good to see that I am making some sort of progress, I even had to buy a foaming cleaner because I had none left!

1. Dior Skinflash Concealer/Highlighter
 I love this add with Monica Bellucci, her make-up is flawless here
My overall impression - The packaging was gorgeous (silver metal tube with Dior signature plus it came with silk pouch). The product itself was very similar to other pen highlighters like YSL Touche Eclat. It is good for subtle concealing and highlighting but it won't hide major imperfections.

Would I buy it again? - Yes, I am slowly becoming a fan of very light, barely-there make-up

2. Elizabeth Ardent Green Tea Shower Gel 200ml
 My overall impression - Beautifully scented and refreshing shower gel that complements my beloved Green Tea Skin Scent. I picked it up in a set with 100ml Green Tea fragrance, 5ml mini plus 200ml body lotion for something like $19 at Target.

Would I buy it again? - Yes, it is thick and concentrated shower gel and makes my skin smell wonderful plus doesn't irritate it. From time to time I see big pump bottles of this shower gel on sale for around $15 so it is reasonably priced.

3. Clinique Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser

 Yes, I've finished another tube of my beloved foaming cleanser! However I got Clarins one as a replacement and slowly falling in love with it...

4. Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub 200ml
 My overall impression - Pleasantly scented (citrus-y) foaming body scrub with medium particles.

Would I buy it again? - Yes! I went through couple of tubes of this scrub. In fact I like it better than more expensive body scrubs I've tried. I also love non-oily foaming base, perfect to use before fake tanning. It leaves my skin extra clean and super soft. It also won't break a bank and you can pick it up from your local supermarket for under $14.

5. Clarins Toning Lotion with Camomile, 50 ml
 My overall impression - very mild and pleasantly scented toner. It didn't tingle my skin like a lot of other toners do but made it feel refreshed.

Would I buy it again? - Yes, yes, yes! I had a bottle sitting in my bathroom cabinet for a while and I wasn't really using it until a wise friend told me that toner will really help to clear my breakout...and it did! It seem to pick up all the grime and make-up left after cleansing and preps my skin for moisturiser.

6. Clarins Satin-Smooth Body Lotion, 100 ml
 My overall impression - I am usually not a big fan of body lotions because they leave a greasy film behind, however this one absorbed quickly and made my skin satin-smooth, as promised :)
Would I buy it again? - Not sure, while I love the texture I am not a huge fan of scent. Plus it is a bit pricey.

7. Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara, full size
 My overall impression - I loved the original one so I've decided to give this one a try. It came with very strange brush and the formula of the product was very different.

Would I buy it again? - No, it wasn't very good. It made my lashes clumpy and certainly not worth $40+!

8. Clinique Take The Day Off Make-up remover, 50 ml

 My overall impression - Two-phase make-up remover that is very mild and unscented.

Would I buy it again? - No, it does leave a greasy film behind and doesn't remove make-up as well as some other similar products.

9. OPI Avoplex Hand and Nail Cream
 My overall impression - Beautifully scented and easily absorbed hand cream. I often get asked which perfume I am wearing when I use this hand cream.

Would I buy it again? - Yes! I use hand cream a lot and this one is perfect for summer as it gets absorbed instantly. It doe a very good job at moisturising my hands too!

10. Wella Hydrate Conditioner, 200ml
My overall impression - Light yet hydrating conditioner with very mild scent.

Would I buy it again? - Most likely, it does a good job at moisturising my hair however I get a bit bored using it because it doesn't smell exciting enough for me.

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