Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Barbie turned 53 today!
She changed a lot in 53 years and I must say she got better with age

In 1959 she looked like this:
Beautiful, pale and stylish

In 1960's Barbie was quite conservative and traditional as a Nurse and French Fashionista
In 1970's iconic Malibu Barbie emerged.

In my opinion she started the whole "Barbie" trend - tanned skin, blonde hair and long legs. She also came with a BF Ken

and camper van

Barbie industry was going strong in 80's. She appeared in vast range of outfist and collections

From sweet Peaches n Cream

To Over-The-Top Rocker Barbie
and Holiday Barbies

I grew up in 90's. I remember my best friend's sister brought this one home from Italy in 1991
It was in the former Soviet State and Barbies were very rare and highly prized so to me it was the most beautiful thing ever.

Totally Hair Barbie and Teresa were very popular
This add used to mesmerise me, it was played during Disney series

as well as Hollywood Hair Barbie, Ken and Teresa
I loved how creative they used to be :)
My friend had this one and it had cute lip gloss inside the heart on her chest :)

In 2000's Barbie became a Style Icon




Badgley Mischka



Carolina Herrera

MAC Barbie

In who's honour they have created a stunning and very popular collection

and their Model of the Moment range


  1. Your post reminded me of the Melbourne Barbie Dolls XD.

  2. Hahaha...I remember that one circulating few years ago, except it had Brisbane suburbs :)