Essence Cosmetics

Few months ago I've noticed a new stand at my local Target store.
It was Essence Cosmetics. They had a great range of nail polishes so I got couple to try.
They retail between $2.50 and $3.95 so there is no surprise the stand gets raided on a regular basis. I was very lucky to capture this photos today, it was probably just restocked.
...and close-ups of different polishes

In addition to their impressive nail polish range they have various useful tools such as nail polish remover pen, french manicure strips and top/base/quick dry coats. All very reasonably priced.
They often have limited edition collections too. So I got thee limited edition nail polishes today.
One from Ballerina Backstage collection in 01 Dance the Swan Lake (sheer white with pink flash, not terribly unique but I didn't have that colour yet) and two from Vampire's Love (hahaha) collection in 02 Into the Dark (deep greyish blue with fine silver glitter) and 04 The Dawn is Broken (Grey with fine silver glitter).

Plus some useful tools like Nail Polish Remover Pen that's perfect for correcting my dodgy nail polish application job by removing excess polish from skin surrounding my nail. It doesn't have acetone, very easy to use and when dries has very delicious strawberry scent (I can't stop smelling my finger...)
and French Manicure and Pedicure pen which has very fine tip that lets you draw very precise line. It supposed to be worn under top coat.

I already had three nail polishes from their regular collection

72 Time for Romance is a glitter top coat with large and small particles of pink glitter and some tiny multi-coloured micro glitter thrown into the mix all suspended in very sheer pink base.
43 Where is the Party? is a colour changing nail polish that flashes purple, green and yellow under different angles.
67 Make it Golden is a gold glitter top coat with large and tiny glitter particles suspended in a clear base. I love wearing this nail polish on my ring finger, especially over taupe.

This fun new brand had a website and
From what I've gathered they are German company and they don't test on animals. Overall I think it is a great value for money and lets you experiment with a lot of different looks. Certainly there is a quality difference between these polishes and say OPI but for they price you pay I really can't complain :)


  1. I've only got one nail colour from them. I love their multi action mascara though. its replaced all my other mascaras. i have 7 open at the moment so that's saying something!

    1. Sounds very promising, I might give it a try once I finish my current mascara.

  2. Oooo i'd love to see swatches! or i could just grab these and try them out.

  3. I'm having a hard time finding out where to find Essence nail polishes...i'm in New York and am particularly interested in trying out Make It Golden. Any advice on where I should look if my Target doesn't have it? Thank you!

    1. Hi Ella! I am in Australia so I don't know who might stock it over in US. Maybe contact Essence Cosmetics for their stock lists. Good luck!


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