Monday, June 23, 2014

Today I received...a parcel from Strawberrynet

I love Strawberrynet and I've been shopping there for nearly 10 years and never had any issues. I like getting my hair products there as they are often on special and you get a salon-quality product for supermarket price.

My shampoo supplies are getting low. So this time I got Sebastian Color Ignite shampoo for blonde and multi-tonal hair (I have blonde highlight and lowlights). It received positive reviews on makeupalley plus SN had it for just $23 for huge 1L bottle. I was expecting purple shampoo but this product is actually milky white. It smells very neutral too which I like :)

Couldn't resist another Jack Black lip balm in Grapefruit and Ginger! I already have Lemon and Camomile and absolutely love how it instantly sinks into my lips without being heavy or sticky yet it is very moisturising. Jack Black skincare is designed for guys so these lip balms won't leave your lips shiny.

As a bonus I received Cath Kidson Cherry Blossom hand cream. I already have lots of them (mind you I used them at least 4-5 times per day) so it is not something I would buy but it was still nice to get one as surprise. I actually really like it as it feels very moisturising but not greasy or heavy. It has very soft sweet floral scent that I quite enjoy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


...more like yesterday but Mondays are always crazy for me and I never get a chance to blog on mondays unless it is a public holiday.

It is getting a lot cooler in Brisbane so naturally my sleeves got longer and my pants got thicker.

Shoes - Mimco
Mascara - Benefit
Scent - Narcisso Rodriguez for Her
Foundation - Lancome 24 h Teint Idole
Eye shadows - Dior Impression Cuir
Top - Witchery
Pants - Country Road


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Current winter favourites

It got cooler, the days got shorter, clothes got darker and longer and my hair and skin got drier. There are few things at the moment that I tend to reach for the most. So here are mine mild Australian winter favourites

Tokyo Milk Lip Elixir in Dead Sexy

It comes in big 20 g tin container with nice dark antique design. The texture of this lip balm is thick and waxy and it does very smooth on my lips and relieves discomfort immediately. However my favourite part if the scent which includes the notes of Ebony Wood, Warm Vanilla, Citrus Peel, Rosewater! It taste a bit like jasmine tea and has slight sweetness to it. I love using it and getting close to hitting the pan already. It is not the most handbag-friendly packaging therefore it lives in my desk drawer.

 Kerastase Elixir Ultime

I scored this hair oil as a freebie from Oscar Oscar when they have a Kerastase promotion. My hairdresser advised me to use colour-free hair oil as my beloved Morrocanoil is too yellow and if used frequently will discolour my highlighted hair. I switched to Kerastase as it is clear and actually been noticing improvement in my hair condition. It absorbs well, comes in a pump bottle and you need a tiny bit to go a long way. It smells very nice too, sort of like rum and coconuts to me :)

L'Occitane Amande Tonic Body Oil

I prefer using body oils to body butters and lotions as they seems to absorb better and don't leave unpleasant film on my skin. L'Occitane Amande body oil is one of my all time favourites. It doesn't come cheap but it lasts and lasts. It absorbs quickly and fully, gives my skin nice subtle sheen and leaves behind the most gorgeous almond scent. I also love pump bottle as it is easy to use and makes it a bit more hygienic.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Serum

My skin is prone to breakouts so I always have to test products before I commit to them. I received a small Midnight recovery sample 10 days ago and been using it daily (I was amazed how little you actually need). My skin improved a lot and I love this product's scent and texture. It is supposed to be made from 99% natural oils and at first looks like another facial oil...but once applied it absorbs very quickly leaving skin velvety and hydrated with no shine or greasy feel I've experienced with similar products. Once the sample is gone I will buy a full size bottle!

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

 I have several small tubes of this hand creams floating around my handbags and drawers. My hands can get very very dry so this product provides instant relief with no greasy after-feel. The scent is very subtle and neutral, so it doesn't bother me at all.

Narcisso Rodriguez for Her EDT

I fell in love with this perfume in late 2006 when I went on my first trip back to Europe. I only had a miniature bottle but I loved wearing it so much! I remember taking my coat off and getting a trail of this scent...I couldn't afford a big bottle back then because I was a uni student, then it became way too popular and copied (Lovely is a dupe but it doesn't play the same magic on my skin as this one). I forgot about it as I already possess a lot of various perfumes but then I saw in on sale for just $35 for 30 ml bottle at Discount Chemist. I immediately got it and to my delight they haven't changed the formula! To my nose it is a soft musk scent with orange flower and osmanthus, as it dries down I can detect licorice and vetiver. It lasts a long time too despite it being EDT (they do have EDP version too but it smells very different on me!)

When I wear it I feel more polished and dressed up but sexy at the same time. I love the simple black bottle too. I just wish it wasn't so popular so I could declare it as my signature scent :)

Monday, June 09, 2014

Recent Empties...

Another lot of 10 beauty related items was finished by me since February plus I threw away a huge bag of expired and old make-up and skincare. I have been good and haven't really purchased anything apart from perfume.

1. L'Occitane Essence Sublime 

My overall opinion - Pleasant serum with semi-matte finish and gorgeous subtle floral scent that instantly absorbed into my skin and make it velvety and soft. It came in my glass pump bottle and I used it very quickly (mainly as a make-up base).

Would I buy it again?- Yes, I was very impressed and it suits my skin well.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation

My overall opinion - Creamy foundation with medium coverage and natural radiant finish.

Would I buy it again?-Not sure. While I like the finish, texture and how it felt on my skin the lasting power wasn't that great.

3. Vichy Normaderm Micellar Water

My overall opinion -I remember when I first used it I was surprised how much make-up and impurities it picked up without being too oily or drying. It is scent and colour free but is very effective at cleansing my 
skin after make-up removal. I used it as a toner. I believe it also helped to clear-up my skin.

Would I buy it again?-Not sure as this brand can be hard to get in Australia

 4. Clarins Tonic body Treatment Oil

My overall opinion -I love this product! I think it helps with fluid retention and leaved my skin well-hydrated without greasy feeling. At first it has very strong herbal scent (geranium and rosemary primarily) but it fades after few minutes. I also love taking it with me when I travel.

Would I buy it again?-Yes, it is on expensive side but it works.

 5. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

My overall opinion - I had Lash Accelerator mascara before and remember liking the older version better. It comes with rubber brush and seems to do a fair job at giving my lashes length and volume but I can't say it is exceptional. I like the deep black colour of this mascara and it lasts well all day.

Would I buy it again? - Possibly, it is a good value for money product.

 6. L'Occitane Delicious Hands Cream

My overall opinion - It smells like heaven, moisturises my hands exceptionally well and absorbs fully.

Would I buy it again?- Yes, if I can get it again. Unfortunately it only comes in small tubes.

7. Redken Extreme Shampoo

My overall opinion - I've been using this product on/off for 10 years and I believe it saved my hair on several occasions. It is a protein-based shampoo and I would use it 1-2 week, leaving it in my hair for couple of minutes. It doesn't make my hair feel super nice but I definitely noticed less breakage when I use it.

Would I buy it again?- Yes!

8. Bioderma Micellar Solution

My overall opinion - Similar to Vichy but I think slightly less effective. It still does a good job at removing make-up and impunities left after cleansing.

Would I buy it again?- Yes, if I can pick it up on sale...if not I am keep to try cheaper brands like Garnier or L'oreal.

 9. Grown  Rosehip and Camelia Seed Facial Serum

My overall opinion - I do like using face oils even though I have combination skin. This one is probably the least favourite so far. It felt very heavy on my skin and took ages to absorb. I ended up using it mainly on my chest and neck as it had tendency to worsen my breakouts.

Would I buy it again?- No, there are better facial oils and serums out there....for me anyway.

10. Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

My overall opinion - A tiny drop of this product will create a lot of foam and remove most of my make-up. It transforms into creamy and rich leather and doesn't dry out my skin.

Would I buy it again?- Already have, it became my favourite foaming cleanser.