Monday, June 09, 2014

Recent Empties...

Another lot of 10 beauty related items was finished by me since February plus I threw away a huge bag of expired and old make-up and skincare. I have been good and haven't really purchased anything apart from perfume.

1. L'Occitane Essence Sublime 

My overall opinion - Pleasant serum with semi-matte finish and gorgeous subtle floral scent that instantly absorbed into my skin and make it velvety and soft. It came in my glass pump bottle and I used it very quickly (mainly as a make-up base).

Would I buy it again?- Yes, I was very impressed and it suits my skin well.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation

My overall opinion - Creamy foundation with medium coverage and natural radiant finish.

Would I buy it again?-Not sure. While I like the finish, texture and how it felt on my skin the lasting power wasn't that great.

3. Vichy Normaderm Micellar Water

My overall opinion -I remember when I first used it I was surprised how much make-up and impurities it picked up without being too oily or drying. It is scent and colour free but is very effective at cleansing my 
skin after make-up removal. I used it as a toner. I believe it also helped to clear-up my skin.

Would I buy it again?-Not sure as this brand can be hard to get in Australia

 4. Clarins Tonic body Treatment Oil

My overall opinion -I love this product! I think it helps with fluid retention and leaved my skin well-hydrated without greasy feeling. At first it has very strong herbal scent (geranium and rosemary primarily) but it fades after few minutes. I also love taking it with me when I travel.

Would I buy it again?-Yes, it is on expensive side but it works.

 5. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

My overall opinion - I had Lash Accelerator mascara before and remember liking the older version better. It comes with rubber brush and seems to do a fair job at giving my lashes length and volume but I can't say it is exceptional. I like the deep black colour of this mascara and it lasts well all day.

Would I buy it again? - Possibly, it is a good value for money product.

 6. L'Occitane Delicious Hands Cream

My overall opinion - It smells like heaven, moisturises my hands exceptionally well and absorbs fully.

Would I buy it again?- Yes, if I can get it again. Unfortunately it only comes in small tubes.

7. Redken Extreme Shampoo

My overall opinion - I've been using this product on/off for 10 years and I believe it saved my hair on several occasions. It is a protein-based shampoo and I would use it 1-2 week, leaving it in my hair for couple of minutes. It doesn't make my hair feel super nice but I definitely noticed less breakage when I use it.

Would I buy it again?- Yes!

8. Bioderma Micellar Solution

My overall opinion - Similar to Vichy but I think slightly less effective. It still does a good job at removing make-up and impunities left after cleansing.

Would I buy it again?- Yes, if I can pick it up on sale...if not I am keep to try cheaper brands like Garnier or L'oreal.

 9. Grown  Rosehip and Camelia Seed Facial Serum

My overall opinion - I do like using face oils even though I have combination skin. This one is probably the least favourite so far. It felt very heavy on my skin and took ages to absorb. I ended up using it mainly on my chest and neck as it had tendency to worsen my breakouts.

Would I buy it again?- No, there are better facial oils and serums out there....for me anyway.

10. Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser

My overall opinion - A tiny drop of this product will create a lot of foam and remove most of my make-up. It transforms into creamy and rich leather and doesn't dry out my skin.

Would I buy it again?- Already have, it became my favourite foaming cleanser.

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