Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Today I received...

Today was like my second birthday. Everything arrived at once, two parcels, passport and a new mattress! As well as the phone call to attend an interview tomorrow :)

I have been looking for a nice black leather backpack and wasn't quite satisfied with the offering you find in department and chain stores. Until I saw this backpack from Rebecca Minkoff! I managed to find it on gilt.com (US site that has amazing deals on designer items) and patiently waited for a discount code. When 30% off promo popped up in my mail box I snapped it up. It has perfect size and shape, made from sturdy leather and can be worn with casual as well as work attire.

I wanted a new concealer as I find my current one is a but too sheer so I went back to Lancome Effacernes. Myer and David Jones didn't have any promotions and Lancome official site was out of stock so I turned to Strawberrynet. They had it in a shade lighter to my usual 02 Beige Sable but quick google image search indicated it will be suitable for my skin. 01 Beige Pastel does seem to be significantly lighter and more neutral as opposed to warm toned, yet it still does a good job hiding dark circles without caking or settling in lines.

Because SN has a minimum spend now to qualify for a free shipping I had to search for something else to add to my basket. Mother's Day gift promotion had so many good deal on perfumes that I ended up blind buying two - Ivoire by Balmain and Twin by Azzaro.

Ivoire is a  modern remake of their classic scent. It smells sophisticated but clean, subtle and approachable. It has a complex composition like many other perfumes of the past, starting with citrus and daisy, progressing into a floral middle and settling with woody basenotes.

Twin has a very futuristic looking bottle design. It reminds me of something you see in the museum of modern art. The scent itself has a Dove soap or almond moisturiser vibe - creamy, clean and comforting.  The composition has almond flower, musk peach and a hint of rose. I think it would make a perfect lazy Sunday scent when all you feel like doing is lounging on the couch in your favorite sweater listening to chill on TuneIn Radio.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Making the most out of my current situation...

Five weeks ago I suddenly lost my job and it was the first time in twelve years when I didn't have to get up and go to work or uni (not counting holidays). First couple of weeks were a bit distressing as I was worried about my future but then I really started to embrace my current situation.

I don't get any government payments and been living off my redundancy payout and a bit of money that has been trickling in through temping and eBay.  Since I have a bit of time up my sleeve I can be assertive with the potential employers and really would like to find an ideal workplace as opposed to jumping on any opportunity given to me. At the end I would like to stay there for a while and be happy with my workplace.

I found so many ways to unitize my time apart from just sitting around and job searching. So this is what I've done without spending no or very little money to keep myself entertained:
  • Started playing some games I had lying around (mainly Nintendo).
  • Embraced oil painting, started educating myself about it through reading books and watching YouTube videos and even finished one piece.
  • Started reading Crime and Punishment by F. Dostoevsky (found a free copy in Kobo store and downloaded it on my reader).
  • Rented out some interesting books and magazines from council library.
  • Listed a lot of unwanted stuff on eBay and Gumtree.
  • Been excising almost daily and taking advantage of my gym membership.
  • Kept my house very clean and did few home improvement projects.
  • Had plenty of time to seek out amazing deals on thing we need.
  • Cooked 90% of out meals and been sending my husband to work with nice lunch.
  • Spending a lot of time with my cats and giving them plenty of love and cuddles.
  • Catching up with my friends and getting in touch with people I haven't seen for a while.
  • Skyping my relatives overseas more. 
  • Taking a good care of my plants and my fish tank.
  • Exploring Brisbane more, like I walked the other day for 15 kms through the neighborhood I haven't explored before. 
  • Taking care of my personal appearance using stuff that I alreadt had lying around - manis and pedis, fake tans and face masks.
  • Blogging more :)
I don't know how long it will last because I have another interview lined up and it looks promising as I was recommended for that position but I would like to make the most of time free time I have.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lancome Miracle Air de Teint Foundation review

I remember browsing my local department store last year and coming across Lancome sale. This foundation was reduced from $59 to $39 so it was a pretty good deal for a high-end product.

 It had light to medium coverage and claimed to be a "perfecting fluid and matte glow creator".  I used to use medium to heavy coverage products even though my skin was good apart from occasional breakout (believing I was creating a good canvas for my make-up). I've tried it on my hand and never looked back!

It had very appealing glass bottle with a dropper and the foundation itself felt like serum on my skin.

There was no heaviness, drying or tingling. It was very easy to work with and despite its very light texture and coverage it gave my skin very polished finish yet still let my natural freckles come through.

Best of all my skin improved dramatically after using this foundation for a few months (I am on my second or third bottle). I had congested skin for ages and I suspect that other formulas were contributing to my breakouts.

I have fair skin (MAC NC 25) so I got this product in shade 01 Beige Alabatre. I tend to go for yellow-based foundation as it gives my skin a healthy glow and neutralizes any grey or red tones. Because this product is so light it doesn't look streaky or patchy and tend to wear out evenly. I find that I need to re-apply my foundation or top it up with some powder if I want to get same coverage after about 8 hours.

So in summary it is a great product if you don't need a super heavy coverage, want something that feels light yet makes your skin look polished and made-up. Bonus points for matte finish which is predominantly found in heavier formulas.