Saturday, February 22, 2014

Empties...part 2

11. Lush King of Skin Body Butter

My overall impression - Yum! This product smells gorgeous and does a good job at moisturising my skin. I can be quite lazy with moisturiser after shower so using this product during shower was a perfect solution for me.
Would I buy it again? - Yes, if I can get it on sale again (I got mine 1/2 price during Boxing Day sales). It was used approx. 1 per week and I got 6 uses out of one bar.

12. Maybelline Maste Liner

 My overall impression - They lied to us! It doesn't produce smooth line. At the end it dried out and because pretty much unusable because it was dragging my skin too much.
Would I buy it again? - No! I liked the brown one a lot better and re-purchased it again...however I got an older stock and it was one again pretty much unusable.

13. Clinique Take the day off make-up remover (trial size)

My overall impression - Bi-phase unscented remover that does a good job but leaves an oily film after use (I have to follow it with face wash)
Would I buy it again? - Not sure as I often get these as GWP plus so many companies make them that you can get very similar product for a lot less.

14. Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Mascara (trial size)
My overall impression - Good mascara with average brush.
Would I buy it again? - Probably not. You can get similar product for about 1/4 of the original price

15. Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay EDT (1.5 ml sample)

My overall impression - Wow! Instant love. I was expecting another sweet fruity-berry scent but I got a surprise if form of true, green and slightly earthy scent.
Would I buy it again? - Yes, I got 9 ml miniature and several samples atm but might get a full size bottle when I go overseas (currents Aus prices are too ridiculous)

16. Sunsilk Straight Look leave-in conditioner

My overall impression - Very light leave-in conditioner that comes in a spray bottle and doesn't weight down my fine straight hair. Perfect for detangling and it has very subtle barely-there scent.
Would I buy it again? - Yes! I got it in one of those subscription boxes but it retails around $7-8...not bad for the price if you ask me.

17. Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner
My overall impression - This stuff is supposed to be reconstructive but it is very very light.
Would I buy it again? - No! It did nothing for my hair. I've used other Sebastian products in the past and really liked them but this one is a miss.

18. Lush Ro Argan Body Conditioner (sample)

My overall impression - A small sample was given to me by kind sales assistant when I asked for something that smells similar to Rose Jam shower Gel. This product does indeed has a very similar rose scent (a bit nuttier though) and is supposed to be applied in shower. It did leave my skin very hydrated and nicely scented.
Would I buy it again? - Probably not, unless the price will come down or I can get it on sale. It retails for $32.95 which is a lot for product that can be easily I prefer solid bars.

19. Simple Cleansing Wipes
My overall impression - Very plain and boring face wipes
Would I buy it again? - No, there are much better products out there in a similar price range

20. Yves Saint Laurent Instant Pur Toning and Cleansing water
My overall impression - Nicely scented (like a lot of French cosmetics) clear and gentle toning solution. However it didn't do a good job at removing make-up and impurutuies
Would I buy it again? - No, there are better products out there for my needs

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day SOTD- Juliette Has a Gun - Miss Charming

To me Miss Charming by Juliette Has a Gun is the perfect Valentines Day scent even if you don't celebrate it.

I find it is a quite linear scent and doesn't change much on me, just fades over time. It opens up with luscious fresh roses sweetened by lychees and red berries. This scent is very good quality and doesn't smell like artificial flavourings so many scents possess these days. I love wearing it when I have dates with my husband and it is one of few perfumes he truly likes.

I came across Juliette Has a Gun perfume brand at Queens Plaza David Jones. The name was indeed fascinating so I had  go home and learn more about it. The brand was started by Romano Ricci (a grandson of Nina Ricci) and one of my favourite perfumers Francis Kurkdjian! They only have 11 perfumes in their range but all of them are very very good.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Empties...part 1

I haven't done "empties" list for quite sometime because for a while I just didn't have enough accumulated...then I was too busy to thing I knew I had finished 20 items. So here they are (part 1 - in no particular order):

 1. The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub 50g

 My overall impression - it is a sugar scrub that is suspended in oily base and smells like true mango. It leaves skin moisturised and smooth plus gives it a nice sheen after use. It does however goes off quick so it is best to be used fresh
Would I buy it again? - I do like it but my preferred scrub is a lot cheaper and more suitable for my needs. I tend to exfoliate before fake tanning so oil-based scrubs are not the best for it.

2. Natio 30+ Sunscreen Lotion 125 g
 My overall impression - Pleasantly and mildly scented non-greasy sunscreen that seems to be very effective.
Would I buy it again? - Yes, I quite like it plus it is reasonably priced

3. Clinique Claryfying Lotion 2 400 ml
 My overall impression - feels like burning! My skin is quite resilient but this product managed to irritate it. I only used it when I had extra breakouts or if I needed to disinfect something (alcohol content in this product is very good for disinfection indeed). It took me aged to finish this bottle.
Would I buy it again? - No, this product is too harsh and not very effective...

4. Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo 1L
 My overall impression - Another blue shampoo that supposed to neutralise brassiness in blonde hair. It took me nearly 2 year to finish this bottle and I was using it at least twice per week so value for money was great.
Would I buy it again? - No. It was somewhat effective (just like other shampoos for blonde hair) but I not a huge fan of fake medicinal cherry scent.

 5. Vichy Aqualia Thermal moisturiser 50 ml

 My overall impression - Light oil-free moisturiser with barely-there scent
Would I buy it again? - Yes...however it is not available in Australia (I got mine from Singapore). It suits my skin well, like a lot of French cosmetics.

6. Blistex Silk and Shine Lip Balm 4g

 My overall impression - Clear lip balm with slight sheen, mild candy scent and light feel
Would I buy it again? - Probably not as there are other lip balms that I like better (more moisturising)

7. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Shower Gel 500 ml
 My overall impression - Thick shower gel that smells like famous Green Tea fragrance. I got it for $15 so it was a good value for money.
Would I buy it again - Yes, I like Green Tea scent and it was very refreshing during summer.

8. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Body Cream 125 ml
 My overall impression - Very rich a thick cream that has pleasant herbal-floral scent. It is too rich for my skin as a body cream so I used it as hand cream
Would I buy it again? - Yes, I liked using it. It absorbed quickly and did its job well.

9. Original Source Chocolate and Mint Shower Gel 250 ml
 My overall impression - Yum, it does smell like chocolate and mint, however the cheaper type :)
Would I buy it again - Yes, you can often get it under $4 so if you want to save money or don't want to spend a lot on beauty products this is a good choice.

10. Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream
My overall impression - Non-greasy BB cream (at last!) with decent coverage. I only got a small sample but I quite liked it. It has Salicylic Acid so it is meant to prevent breakouts.
Would I buy it again? - Yes. I might get it when I finish my current stash of foundation. I like to have a cheaper foundation in my range that I can slap on when I go grocery shopping or after the gym when I don't need to go a full make-up.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

SOTD L'Occitane Ambre & Santal

L'Occitane Ambre & Santal appeared on the market in 2013 as a part of their La Collection de Grasse range. I've tried the earlier realease and white it was quite nice nothing really caught my attention. Untill L'Occitane released Ambre & Santal and Cedre & Oranger closer to the Holiday Season.

Described by L'Occitane as  
A solar fusion of Oriental spice and Mediterranean wood.

Gentle top notes of bergamot and rosemary lead to a heart of fig leaves and rose. This woody oriental fragrance has a base of santal and cedar woods, as well as labdanum and vanilla

Ambre & Santal is indeed a very well-blended scent. To me it has three facets - woody (mainly sandalwood), resinous (labdanum and amber, even though it is not listed I still get it) and vanilla bean. The woody note is big at the beginning, it tends to dominate on my skin even though I get sweetness from underlying vanilla. Then it dries down to a most comforting warm scent that tends to last for hours. I haven't experienced such a beautiful base note for quite sometime. 
It makes me think of..

According to Fragrantica
Top notes are bergamot and rosemary
Middle notes are fig leaf and rose
Base notes are sandalwood, cedar, labdanum and vanilla.

Smells like: vanilla, amber and sandalwood
Lasts for: 6-8 hours
Silliage: moderate
Best for: special occasions, cooler weather, comfort scent

It currently retails for $89 but smells like very expensive niche scent. L'Occitane likes to discontinue its best scents so it may not be available for a while.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Revlon Lip Butters

Due to recent Chemist Warehouse Sales my Revlon Lip Butter collection has tripled. 

New addition include Strawberry Shortcake, Sorbet, Wild Watermelon and Candy Apple.
Prior to that I went for more subtle Creme Brulee and Sugar Frosting. I am still shy to wear bright colours during the day but Lip Butters sheer colour and even coverage makes them perfect for any occasion.
They feel very light and smooth on lips and have very mild vanilla scent. IMO their moisturising properties are ok but not excellent so I still wear my lip balm regularly.

Creme Brulee/Sorbet
Sugar Frosting/Wild Watermelon
Strawberry Shortcake/Candy Apple

Creme Brulee - warn nude beige
Sorbet - bright rose pink
Sugar Frosting - warn light pink with a hint of shimmer
Wild Watermelon - bright warm pink red
Strawberry Shortcake - light creamy pink
Candy Apple - warm bright red

I love them all but I must admit that Sorbet, Strawberry Shortcake and Wild Watermelon are my current favourites!
Which Revlon Lip Butters do you currently own and love?