Sunday, February 09, 2014

Empties...part 1

I haven't done "empties" list for quite sometime because for a while I just didn't have enough accumulated...then I was too busy to thing I knew I had finished 20 items. So here they are (part 1 - in no particular order):

 1. The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub 50g

 My overall impression - it is a sugar scrub that is suspended in oily base and smells like true mango. It leaves skin moisturised and smooth plus gives it a nice sheen after use. It does however goes off quick so it is best to be used fresh
Would I buy it again? - I do like it but my preferred scrub is a lot cheaper and more suitable for my needs. I tend to exfoliate before fake tanning so oil-based scrubs are not the best for it.

2. Natio 30+ Sunscreen Lotion 125 g
 My overall impression - Pleasantly and mildly scented non-greasy sunscreen that seems to be very effective.
Would I buy it again? - Yes, I quite like it plus it is reasonably priced

3. Clinique Claryfying Lotion 2 400 ml
 My overall impression - feels like burning! My skin is quite resilient but this product managed to irritate it. I only used it when I had extra breakouts or if I needed to disinfect something (alcohol content in this product is very good for disinfection indeed). It took me aged to finish this bottle.
Would I buy it again? - No, this product is too harsh and not very effective...

4. Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo 1L
 My overall impression - Another blue shampoo that supposed to neutralise brassiness in blonde hair. It took me nearly 2 year to finish this bottle and I was using it at least twice per week so value for money was great.
Would I buy it again? - No. It was somewhat effective (just like other shampoos for blonde hair) but I not a huge fan of fake medicinal cherry scent.

 5. Vichy Aqualia Thermal moisturiser 50 ml

 My overall impression - Light oil-free moisturiser with barely-there scent
Would I buy it again? - Yes...however it is not available in Australia (I got mine from Singapore). It suits my skin well, like a lot of French cosmetics.

6. Blistex Silk and Shine Lip Balm 4g

 My overall impression - Clear lip balm with slight sheen, mild candy scent and light feel
Would I buy it again? - Probably not as there are other lip balms that I like better (more moisturising)

7. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Shower Gel 500 ml
 My overall impression - Thick shower gel that smells like famous Green Tea fragrance. I got it for $15 so it was a good value for money.
Would I buy it again - Yes, I like Green Tea scent and it was very refreshing during summer.

8. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Body Cream 125 ml
 My overall impression - Very rich a thick cream that has pleasant herbal-floral scent. It is too rich for my skin as a body cream so I used it as hand cream
Would I buy it again? - Yes, I liked using it. It absorbed quickly and did its job well.

9. Original Source Chocolate and Mint Shower Gel 250 ml
 My overall impression - Yum, it does smell like chocolate and mint, however the cheaper type :)
Would I buy it again - Yes, you can often get it under $4 so if you want to save money or don't want to spend a lot on beauty products this is a good choice.

10. Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream
My overall impression - Non-greasy BB cream (at last!) with decent coverage. I only got a small sample but I quite liked it. It has Salicylic Acid so it is meant to prevent breakouts.
Would I buy it again? - Yes. I might get it when I finish my current stash of foundation. I like to have a cheaper foundation in my range that I can slap on when I go grocery shopping or after the gym when I don't need to go a full make-up.


  1. I'd recommend the Natio Rosewater/Chamomile Toner, if you're after one. The Clinque one also burns! Though they do have a sensitive one, the pink one, type no.4 I think?

    1. I think I have a sample of Natio toner somewhere...must dig it out and try it :) I love love love the scent of rosewater <3
      I currently have Clarins one with Iris and it works well for me. When I get breakouts I use good old Ten-0-six, it seem to desinfect my skin well without being irritating.