My new acquisitions

My Frugal February was a success!

I was trying very hard to resist new purchases during February and I went relatively well. Being super busy at work helped a lot.

I went shopping this weekend. Couple of my friends are having Birthdays this week so it was a great excuse to do some serious shopping (mostly for them, some for me)

So for myself I got "Audrey" necklace from Oroton
I wanted long pearl necklace for a while but couldn't find the design I liked. This one is perfect, can't wait to wear it with simple black, navy or grey top/dress!

And I got this vest from Metallicus that goes well with a lot of my other clothes

I got Lash Accelerator mascara from Rimmel to replace my old one. It doesn't give me WOW results but it is great for every day and it supposed to make you lashes grow.

I noticed that Rimmel had very good GWP at David Jones. When you spend $20 or more you get 5 nail polishes. So I also picked up Green with Envy nail polish to get the gift.

I am not counting my nail polishes as make-up and skincare purchases ;) I just know that I will never run out of them and will keep buying new colours.

I have run out of hair conditioner and decided to get one from Strawberrynet. I have fine hair so I decided to give Aveda Pure Abundance a try. It smells great and conditions my hair well. It feels quite rich therefore I suspect it won't give me enough oomph . I also found some Chanel Nail polishes and got Rouge Noir as I have been lemming it for a while. It looks great on my nails and has very good formula.


  1. Ooo i love the Green with Envy nail polish, would have to be one of my favourite green nail polishes ever. Think im going to have to make a trip to David Jones to get the 5 pack. Rimmel nail polishes do not get enough credit.


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