Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 2014 Bellabox

I rarely get a day off on Thursday but I was lucky enough to get today off. Sometimes I really need to stay at home by-myself...doing whatever I want, listening to favorite embarrassing music and watching TV shows. Today I also got not one but three parcels in the mail and one of them was July Bellabox.

It certainly wasn't as impressive as last lot but I will still use the majority of the products.
The these was American Beauty but I must admit it didn't translate into the content of the box.
So here is what I got

1. Urban Rituelle Island Citrus Body Scrub 100 ml- value $14.95

I was relieved to see that I scored a body scrub instead of body cream (I have more that enough to last me for ages). It smells like citrus and coconuts and has medium sized salt-like granules. It also contains coconut oil so it will be great for winter but a no-no before fake tanning as oils can affect the application.

2. ModelCo Black Eye Pencil - value $18.00
I am not a big fan of Modelco...I don't think their products are that great and not they are manufacturing things in PRC (not that I am against it but I believe they were recognized as an Australian brand and they should have kept their manufacturing here). The only good thing I can say about this eye pencil is it had a sharpener built into a lid.

3. Anastasia Lash Genius Clean Waterproof Topcoat 2 g - value $16
Probably the star product of this box. Anastasia has a great reputations for their brow and lash products. I don't have a waterproof mascara because I don't have a great need to wear one. I love that you can still use your favorite mascara with this product. This small tube should should be very handy when I need an extra fix on a windy day or extra hot day.

4. DB Lip Butter - value $4.99
It smells very similar to The Body Shop Coconut lip butter I used to have ages ago...not bad for a cheapo brand :)
5. Yu-Be Moistirusing Skin Cream - value $1.60
To me it is a cross between rich cream and Carmex lip balm. You supposed to use it on areas that need intensive moisturising. I used it on my lips and dry patch on my index finger and it indeed felt very comforting. I doubt I will be forking out $35 for it as my old and trusted Pawpaw ointment does the same job.

I think I have enough samples to last me a while so I've unsubscribed from BB for now...

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