Saturday, March 30, 2013

Only 2 weeks to go...

I can't believe how fast last few months flew past. In two weeks time I'll be celebrating our wedding!

 I feel like I have most things organised by now so it is just last minute bits and pieces that I have to do. I am very glad that this weekend is a long weekend!

I started my day at Oscar Oscar hairdresser in the city. 

My appointment was pre-booked 8 weeks ahead. I walked in at 9 and walked out at 12 30, the service was wonderful but I nearly fell asleep. I had full head of foils and a haircut done. I never walked out disappointed, I get done what I want there :) I think it is a bit pricey to go there for routine maintenance but I don't mind spending more if i want something special.

My next mission was to find a perfect pair of earrings to wear at my wedding. Myer had absolutely nothing exciting. David Jones had few nice designer pieces but nothing I would wear to my wedding. While I was at DJ I went to check out Revlon GWP, I was prepared to buy it but SA kept ignoring me so I left empty-handed. Swarovski went completely downhill, I haven't seen anything original from them for years. 

My last stop was The Babushka Ballerina bridal shop in Wintergarden...and I found these...
They are by Samantha Wills...

I fell in love with them! They are bridal yet not too traditional and boring (please excise my red ear, I haven't worn earring for a while). 

They came in this gorgeous box too...

I also stopped by at Country road and picked up their signature tote bag for $37.50. 
I plan to take it to the hotel with me.

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  1. Wow two weeks will fly by so fast. Earrings are very pretty. I agree with the paying more for good hair, I'm a Toni and guy addict :)