Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekend alone :)

My Fiancé is having his Bucks Night this weekend so I am looking forward to some "me" time!

I went to my local shopping centre and got few bits and pieces to make my weekend alone extra special

I wanted XL wide tea cup so I can take my time and enjoy it for a while. This one was recommended to me and it is perfect. I love its size, shape and pattern!

I got All Sorts and Gorgeous Geisha tea bags and got Creamy Choc Chai for free! They have special promotion ATM when you spend over$50 you get a pack of loose leaf tea from their Chocolate range.
 Something to read...
I got Harper's Bazaar because it came with very cure Karen Walker necklace!

 I love simple yet goes with so many things. It comes in yellow too
 ...and I found these two for $9.95 each!
 Looking forward to drinking tea, reading, cuddling with my cats, sleeping in and going to the gym this weekend!

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