Boxing Day!

I've been waiting for few things to go on sale therefore I went to my nearest shopping centre to hunt them down. It took me 30 minutes to find a car park and it was stressful. Sometimes I think Boxing Day brings out the worst in people.
That was my nearest shopping centre around lunch time. It doesn't look too bad, but trust me it was packed.

I got myself two pairs of earrings. I don't buy gold and silver jewellery very often and have very humble precious metal collection. My boyfriend even jokes that if someone broke into my place and tried stealing my jewellery they would probably feel sorry for me and leave $50 inside my jewellery box :) I'm just not into wearing lots of gold rings/chains/pendants etc. I prefer something either very simple and small or quirky. So I got one of each today.

Small gold studs with tiny diamonds

Silver and black CZ wings
I'm wearing China Glaze Dynasty over OPI Vodka and Caviar on my nails. Dynasty is a close cousin of Atlantis, however I like Atlantis way more.

Myer was super crazy today but Review service impressed me. The girl was very friendly and wasn't rushing me despite the chaos around us. I ended up getting black cropped jacket.

David Jones was still packed but not as much as Myer. They had MOR on sale (25% off)! I've been lemming Emporium Candied Vanilla Almond candle for at least 6 months but didn't want to pay $39.95 for it. I picked it up for $29.95

MOR describes it as: Candied Almonds blended with Sugar Blossom are decadently layered upon a base of smooth Vanilla to create this sweetly sophisticated fragrance
It smells as divine as it sounds

I also picked up this cute Marshmallow gift pack for my friend. I think she will love it :)

I finished my shopping adventure with Sushi and Sashimi pack from Sushi Sushi


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