Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Lust Have It" April 2012

Today I received Lust Have It beauty box.
April doesn't seem to have a clear theme, except they have mentioned that this Autumn makeup is going to be metallic.
This month everything was inside this neat case.
 1. INuovi Glitter pigment in Blonde RRP$19.95
The only "metallic" item they had in this pack was this gorgeous glitter pigment. It is holographic so it is very eye catching.
2. EmerginC Kombucha Cleanser and Phytocell cream samples ~$15
A lot of brands seem to be jumping on Organic bandwagon, however I'm still keep to try these. Kombucha cleanser reminded me of this post that I saw this morning and I couldn't help but laugh

3. DeLorenzo Elements Ocean Mist Sea Salt Styling Spray RRP$23.95
A Star product of this box! It smell divine, has natural UV protection and has conditioning ingredients. I tend to keep my hair more styled and classic during cooler months so I would get more use out of this product in summer.
4. True Solutions All Day Moisturiser Tinted Moisturiser ~$12
Light, creamy tinted moisturiser with high SPF. Once again I will get more use out of it in summer as I tend to wear a foundation rather that tinted moisturiser during cooler months. It gives very very light coverage.
5. Spa Fresh Blends Romantic Discovery bath salt
Smells beautiful (i can detect a hint of Lavender) and it has essential oils of Sweet Orange, Begramot and Ylang Ylang. I can see small rose petals so I look forward to using it.

Another great pack from Lust Have It. I would like to see what I will get in My ILoveThisBox this months as this one is very similar to previous ILoveThisBox editions. I got an email today advising me that Lust Have It acquired Glossybox! I guess its a good news since now they will have an access to a wider range of brands. I just hope they will keep up the good work and won't be up and down like Glossybox was.

BTW I have cancelled my subscriptions to Glossybox and Bellabox due to inconsistency and some samples that weren't suitable for me.

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