My everyday make-up

I must admit that I am one of those girls who wears make-up every day. I feel better when I look my best. I have been wearing make-up since I was 14 and I must say am I much better now then I used to be. Before I wouldn't even leave my house without my face on, now I go to the gym, supermarket and for my walks without make-up.

I have combination skin and can get breakouts if I use wrong products. I start my routine by cleansing with acne controlling wash (ATM I am using Clinique) and moisturise with oil-free moisturiser. I think it is very important to use oil free moisturiser if you want you make-up to last longer as oil makes it slide off your face. Plus oil free products don't break me out. During summer I skip primer as I feel liken it is too much for my skin to handle.

Right now I am using YSL matte finish foundation. It has light to moderate coverage but mattifies well. Them I use Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer under my eyes and any imperfections. I like that it has very thin formula yet it is very well pigmented. I work it into my skin by gently tapping it so it doesn't look smudged or streaky. I use my fingers for the whole process as I feel like it is the easiest and most hygienic method of application.

I set my make up with mineral powder. I've been using Prestige Skin Loving Minerals for a while as it has great coverage yet doesn't look caked on. Like your natural skin but better.

On my cheeks I use Chanel Powder Blush in Orchid Rose. I love its warm neutral shade and gorgeous shimmery finish. The shimmer in this blush is very subtle on your skin, instead of making it shiny it just gives it a dimension.

Next I do my eyes. Right now I am using Chanel quad in Dunes. I purchased it from US therefore they eye shadows are square as opposed to being round. I think US version of Chanel quads is better as it is more pigmented and buttery.

Dunes has four neurtral and wearable shades - Taupe Beige, Camel Beige, Off White with Gold Pearl and Matte Brown. Beige shades are quite similar but I love the fact that there are two of them as I tend to go through them quicker than others. They also have very subtle pearl through them making them not as flat as matte eye shadows. I use beige all over my lid, lightest shade as highlight under my brow and darkest shade on outer corners and crease.

I use Maybelline Master Liner in black or brown. IMO this eyeliner is quite average despite manufacturer's claims. I define my brows with Innoxa Brow pencil in Blonde. I use short feathery strokes so it looks very natural.

I finish with two coats of mascara. Right now I am using Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara. The mascara itself is good, however I am not a big fan of brush.

I apply lip balm on my lips and/or L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in Taffeta.

Today on my nails I am wearing Essie nail polish in Lady like from my recently purchased Essie lot.

I know it sounds like a lot of make-up! However I still look like myself just more polished and beautified :)
What do you usually wear as your everyday make-up?


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