Revlon Lip Butter - 095 Creme Brulee, 005 Sugar Frosting

I called my local Priceline today and they finally re-stocked their Revlon Lip Butters (they were completely sold out last week). They currently have 2-for-1 Revlon lip products at the moment and it end tomorrow. So I have decided to take advantage of this promotion and stock up on these highly praised lip butters
I wanted some very natural shades so I went with 095 Creme Brulee and 005 Sugar Frosting
Creme Brulee is a soft nude beige with a hint of shimmer and Sugar Frosting is a pink nude with subtle micro shimmer. Both shades are very sheer however the colour applies evenly over your lips.
The formula is very moisturising and I absolutely love how they feel on my lips. They don't last very long so I suggest re-applying every couple of hours. They have a texture of a stick lip balm but better pigment that tinted lip balms. They are almost scent-free, I only detect faint hint of vanilla.

 Packaging gets top marks too. I love everything -  quilted caps, clear tops and the fact that plastic is co-ordinated with the shade.

Overall I am very impressed and can see myself getting addicted to them!


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