Monday, April 23, 2012

"ILoveThisBox" April 2012

"ILoveThisBox" parcel was waiting for me today! I couldn't wait to open it.
It smelled lovely! My excitement grew...until I have studied the content of the box
Just D'Lish candle was the best product in the box and was responsible for that lovely scent.
This exfoliant smells lovely (like honey). However it contain Avocado Oil therefore may give me a breakouts.
Maybelline Lipstick in My Mahogany. Very interesting shade of reddish brown. I imagine it being popular back in 1994. Unfortunately there is a reason why it stopped being popular, it is not very flattering shade.
haf mineral eye shadow. This eye shadow is extremely chalky with slight shimmer. It is pretty much unusable :(
Chikii bronzer. This product spilled all over my box. I am too afraid to test it because I don't want to to spill all over the place. Not the best sample presentation. I will get rid of this one too.

I am very disappointed with April's box. I can only see myself using 3 out of 5 products. I think the value of this box is not as great as it used to be. I am also a bit over random home-made brands that are trying to break through. I will re-consider my subscription.


  1. Bleugh, what a useless box. Products in sachets are so hard to use too.

    1. And there is no way this is a delux sample...

  2. That's a shame about your box. The candle looks great!!! (I'm a bit of a candle lover). Most of the blogs I've seen had dark colours for the lipstick, which is a shame. I haven't seen pinks or brights in the reviews I've read.

    1. Candle is lovely, however it is quite inexpensive and packaging looks home made. I have a feeling they have inherited a whole lot of unwanted Maybelline lipsticks from a supplier. There is a pharmacy near me that sells Revlon, Maybelline, L'oreal and Max Factor make up in very random shades for under $5