Saturday, December 08, 2012

Growing your own Herbs

Since starting my 12 Week Body Transformation Challenge I've been using a lot more herbs in my cooking. I love using them to add flavour to my dishes without adding extra calories. Herbs can easily transform bland food into gourmet masterpiece. On the downside they are quite expensive and don't last very long (maybe 1-2 weeks in the fringe max). Plus I rarely use the whole bunch so it feels like a lot of them get thrown away.

I live in small apartment and unfortunately don't have a garden. However I've been growing some strawberries and parsley in small planters on my balcony so I figured out that I can plant more. I went to my local Bunning and picked up few extra planters, potting mix and a variety of herbs. A pot of herbs will cost you $3-5 plus you can get a mix of 4 different herbs. At the end planted herbs will cost you as much as cut ones at the supermarket! Plus you will get more than 1-2 weeks out of them (I had my parsley for several years).
So here is what I have growing on my balcony: Mint, Chives and Parsley

I've decided to put a planter with more delicate herbs on my bathroom window. I think they will grow better in moist environment plus they make my bathroom smell really nice :) I'm growing Dill, Basil and Coriander

Caring for herbs is quite easy - I water them regularly and use diluted liquid fertiliser once every 3 months. Occasionally I "fluff" soil with plastic fork to allow better water and oxygen penetration and once every year I top it up a bit as it tends to settle or gets washed away from rain.


  1. Very nice. just remember to water them regularly as you'll loose them in about a week or so with the heat. I'm surprised our ones are still actually alive. as we forget to water them more often.

  2. Alive and thriving ;) I water mine regularly unless it rains non-stop