Boxing Day Sales - Quick trip to Carindale

Today I had to go to work for few hours. It felt really odd going there in the middle of our Christmas break and everyone was in holiday mode :)

Westfield Carindale was the closest shopping centre so I decided to stop by and check out Boxing Day sales. The shopping centre itself was recently expanded and updated. They added few exciting stores like Kookai, L'Occitane, T2 and Mecca Maxima just to name a few. Chanel store is coming to Carindale soon too which I find very strange. I think Chanel is trying to target middle-class now.

First I went to Lorna Jane and it was too busy for me to browse properly so I left even without trying anything on. Myer was my next stop because I wanted to have a look at their Scanpan sale (I am so happy with my frying pan that I want a grill pan now). They advertised it as 50% off RRP and their original RRP was twice as much as DJ RRP! The 26 cm frying pan that I picked up from DJ for $79.95 was $114.50 at Myer! Makes me wonder how genuine some of their sales are!

After Myer I went to Kookai. I never had a lot of luck with Kookai but recently discovered their basics range! I find their basic tops to be very flattering and comfortable. So I've picked up this white cardi for $30

Then I went to new Reject shop to pick up few bits and pieces. I usually get little things like storage containers and wrapping paper from them. I don't see a point paying premium prices for something that is going to be thrown away anyway. So I left with some cleaning products and gift bags.

Those gift bags cost $1-2 and are very decent quality. I never felt right paying $4-8 for Hallmark ones, it is just a piece of nice paper with a bit of ribbon! I try to keep few different sizes at home so I don't have to buy expensive ones from the supermarket or newsagency. 
A also got huge can of No Vac for $6 - its a foam that you spray on your carpet to sanitise and deodorise them. I got mine in vanilla scent, now my bedrooms smell like vanilla ice cream! I love this product, it does what it promised to do and the fresh scent lasts for days. While I was there I picked up a huge bottle of Morning Fresh Orange and Eucalyptus dishwashing liquid which also smells amazing. Plus some Duck Fresh disks for my loo (IMO they are the most hygienic method to keep it fresh in-between cleans).

Sorry about very domestic post, for some reason I get excited about things like that now...I must be getting old :)


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