Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas ;)

Merry Christmas everyone!
I can't believe it's that time of the year again! My blog turned one year today too...
I had very casual celebration and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

There was only four of us so cooking was a breeze.
I woke up at 10 and started cooking at 10 30. Everything was ready by 12 30! I followed Michelle Bridges Christmas menu plan so everything was very delicious and healthy.

For entrĂ©e we had cold tomato and roasted pepper soup which went down really well since it was very hot. Then we had spiced beef roast with spinach, walnut and cranberry salad plus roasted dressed veggies (purple carrot, broccollini and asparagus. 

For dessert we had healthy chocolate cake with ice cream and strawberries (chocolate cakes were made yestetday). 

After lunch we went for a walk around nearby lake to burn some calories. 

I really enjoyed this year Christmas as it was super easy, relaxing and fun.

 I've changed my mentality and didn't let myself to get stuffed with food like before. Just shows that you don't have to eat to semi-comatosed condition, drink loads of alcohol, spend days to prepare or spend ridicolous amounts of money to have a good time :)

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