Friday, September 13, 2013

Witchery and Mimco - my recent shopping trip

Witchery announced that they are having end of season sale so I decided to pay them a visit. I went to Gold Coast Harbour Town Witchery Outlet because I had a gut feeling that their sale was going to be even bigger. I wasn't wrong! They had buy 2 items save 20%, buy 3 save 30%, buy 4 save 40%, buy 5 save 50%! I miss those sales in their regular stores, I was beyond excited that they re-introduced it in their outlet store.
So this is what I got

1. Carly Sandals RRP $99.95...paid $14.97

Exactly what I wanted - relatively plain black sandals

2. Maranda Saddle Bag RRP $179.95...paid $59.97

I actually don't have many bags, I guess I am just not a bag girl. However I needed  a simple small to medium black bag so this one was a great find since it is also made from butter soft leather.

3. Black Stud Detail Jeans RRP $169.95..paid $29.97

 I wore my River Island Coated Molly Jeggins to death, this pair is a perfect replacement. It is made from thicker material and they sit a bit higher but the fit is perfect. I just hope they wont stretch. I am even considering buying a pair in smaller size as a back-up.

4. Tayla Leather Wedges RRP $149.95...paid $29.97
A must-have when I need to dress-up my work attire.

5. Parisienne Rose Body Wash RRP $19.95...paid $4.95

It was an impulse counter buy so I would be entiteled to 50% off so it basically saved me money. It has "vintage" rose scent which is quite strong but I can put up with it for few minutes.

6. Mimco Premonition Loafers RRP $199.95...paid $49.95

 I didn't have much time but I stopped at Mimco which is right next to Witchery and got these beautiful work shoes.

I guess Black is the colour of the is Friday the 13th after all :)

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