Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New additions to my shoe collection

They were actually purchased about a month ago. I wanted black leather ankle boots since March this year but couldn't find anything that was either in my price range or I actually liked. Until I saw these "Catin" ankle boots at Country Road DFO outlet.
 I got them for $49.50 because they were missing the leather "straps" on the zip, otherwise they were in perfect condition. I've worn them at least 5 times already.

My other purchase wasn't as exciting. I have to wear enclosed and comfortable shoes at work due to H&S regulations so I had to get a pair of what I call "ugly work shoes". You can usually find a whole selection at Myer from Dianna Ferrari and Hush Puppies range but for some reason they usually cost more than my pretty shoes.

I refused to pay $100+ for ugly work shoes therefore I turned my my good old friend eBay and won these loafer which are not too bad for $37.10

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