Saturday, September 14, 2013

Popular beauty products that didn't work for me

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

 A lot of people rave about this foundation because it is VERY pigmented and gives moderate to heavy coverage while being quite liquid. On me it looked like a mask and after few uses I realised that it is blocking my pores and causing mild breakout. I ended up mixing it with another foundation and eventually finished the whole bottle but I definitely can say that it is not a HG foundation for me.

2. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

 This product is loved by many people because it is very moisturising and makes skin glow (in a wet, not shimmery way). It was way too rich for my combination skin and cause breakouts. I also prefer primers with shimmery particles rather than oily consistency to make my skin glow.

3. Clinique 3-step system

I like a lot of Clinique product but their original 3-step system was a huge disappointment. Originally it had a soap as a cleanser which was ok, then it was replaced by a liquid soap which is a bit more hygienic but still it is not the best cleanser I've tried. It doesn't remove make-up well and a bit drying. Then you supposed to strip your skin with potent Clarifying lotion which is mostly alcohol with a bit of colouring and some "active ingredients", it makes my skin very red and irritated plus it burn. My skin is not very sensitive but it definitely reacts to this products. Then you supposed to replace the natural oils you just stripped with a moisturiser leaded with mineral oil! The original moisturiser felt really greasy on my skin and caused breakouts. I was told to switch to a gel version but it still did nothing for my skin.

4. Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

It looks very dark in the tube but when applied it gives your lips just a hint of colour. Unfortunately it didn't suit me. It made my lips brighter but the hue clashed with my NC25 skin tone. Plus it didn't apply evenly and made cracks and dry patches more obvious.

5. Revlon ColourStay Eye Liner
A lot of people rave about it. Yes, it does last a lot time but for me it was a nightmare to apply. I found it was too dry and didn't give me that smooth uninterrupted line. Plus it dried out even more after few weeks and I had to throw it away as it because unusable.

Which popular beauty products were you disappointed with?

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