Movies and Dessert

I love cooking when I can find time for it. Passion fruits are in season and I had six of them sitting in my fruit basket (FMIL grows them in her garden). I mainly use passion fruits as a topping for Pavlova and similar desserts. This time I have decided to try something different and came across this video by Gordon Ramsay

I think he is a great chef and explains everything well!
It was the first time I've made soufflé and it turned out great!
It didn't rise as much as his but I think it is due to the fact that I've used wider ramekins.
I felt like having a quiet Saturday night at home so I finally watched Water for Elephants.

I must say I really enjoyed this movie. Reese Witherspoon looked stunning! I think she is getting more and more attractive with age. Her portrayal of the character was excellent.

Robert Pattinson's play was also captivating, I am glad he is trying different roles. To top everything Christoph Waltz was brilliant as a villain.

After I finished watching the DVD I was flicking through channels and came across 1968 cult classic - Rosemary's Baby (on ABC2). I never saw that movie before so it was very exciting to finally watch it.

The American Film Institute ranked the film 9th in their 100 Years…100 Thrills list. I didn't not find it scary at all. However I really enjoyed cinematography, 60's era feel, story line and Mia Farrow!

Isn't she gorgeous?!


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