"Bellabox" February 2012 edition

Bellabox was the last Beauty Box I received this month.
It was waiting for me this afternoon in my mail box. Like other two boxes it had Valentine's Day/Love theme.
It had really nice scent and it was quite light compared to other boxes. I instantly liked what I saw when I opened it.

Sasy n Savy hand creme 5 ml ($1.50)
Very handy size to carry in a small hand bag. It has very generic yet pleasant scent. It absorbs straight away and makes my skin feel velvety...Big plus!
Sanctrum Body Soothe body lotion 30 ml ($2.55)
Beautifully scented organic body lotion. It has very light texture, just as I like it! I can actually see myself buying this product, it feels great, smells great and good for my skin.
Emergin-C Vitamin C + retinol face mask ($4.50)
I prefer face masks that come in individual or small doses as opposed to big tubes and tubs. Can't wait to try it, apparently it is going to give me a glowing complexion!
Star & Rose confetti soap roses ($2.16)
It is a dry sheets of soap that shaped like roses. It looks very pretty and smells lovely. However I don't think it is very practical. Plus it won't look as pretty just after few uses.
B by Bloom eye shadow duo in Taj Mahal ($9.95)
My absolute favorite in this box! I love pretty shimmery pink and bright purple with pink pearl through it.

This is my attempt to swatch these gorgeous colours in poor lighting. I am wearing OPI "I Pink I Love You" on my nails.

The box also also had two chocolate hearts which I really enjoyed :)
I really like the content of this box! It let me try new brands and products I normally wouldn't buy myself!
I like this one more than January edition


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