SOTD Yves Saint Laurent ELLE Eau de Toilette

Elle EDT (formerly known as Elle Shocking) was gifted to me by my mum as a Christmas Present.

I am not a huge fan of "shocking" part because this perfume is very very nice so I was happy to find out recently that it has been renamed but not reformulated (which happens far too often these days). It is a fresh spicy-woody scent with a bit of floral added to it to make it more feminine. I get lots of ginger,cedar and patchouli in this scent with a touch of fruity-floral notes. The bottle is gorgeous with golden detailing and cap!

I think the add campaign perfectly suits this scent - it is edgy, modern and sexy. It is more subtle and less floral compared to the original and tends to stay close to skin after the initial burst of fragrance.

According to Fragrantica this scent is composed of aromas of mandarin, ginger and peony. I know that woody note is not listed but I definitely get cedar.

Smells like: ginger, cedar and fruity florals
Lasts for: 3-4 hours
Silliage: <1h - moderate, >1h - soft
Best for: daytime wear, date, coffee with friends


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