SOTD Moschino Funny!

Today is hot, hot hot in Brisbane (top of +41 C) so I had to wear an appropriate fragrance that wouldn't suffocate me but would last at least couple of hours. I reached for Moschino Funny that was purchased from a small local pharmacy heavily reduced to $19.95.

The advertisement doesn't capture a lot of attention and the bottle is quite cute but not outstanding...but the scent itself is gorgeous.
Smells like: sweetened orange tea
Lasts for: 4-6 hours
Silliage: soft to moderate
Best for: daytime wear, the office, warmer months

At first I get lots of soapy orange, but after couple of minutes sweetened tea note starts to come through along with a touch of pink pepper. I love pink pepper in perfumes as it adds extra character and dimension.

Overall it is a very pleasant summer scents that is slightly sweet but still very fresh, citrus-y and green.


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