Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Best products of 2013...Fragrances

In 2013 my fragrance collection has probably doubled.  I figured out that collecting fragrances is way better than collecting make-up products because you can sell them easily if they don't work for you.

It was hard to pick winners but here is my top picks (sadly couple of then have been discontinued and are very hard to find)


Best Rose scent - Clarins Par Amour Tojours
The rose in this perfume is fresh and sweet and is more like rosewater rather than heavy perfume oil. Added grapefruit makes this scent very delicious and pink pepper adds a dimension.

Best Floral scent - Marc Jacobs Essence
The most gorgeous white floral scent. It smells like a garden filled with jasmine, camellias and freesias.

Best Popular scent - Miss Dior Cherie (old version) 
Gourmand sweet and fruity mix that is irresistible. I am still puzzled why they had to change this scent to a generic mix of patchouli, jasmine and citrus.

Best Special Occasions scent - Coco Chanel Perfume
This pure perfume come in the tiny tiny bottle but you only need couple of small drops. It will radiate the most amazing spicy-balsamic-amber blend for hours and hours.

Best Night scent - Prada Amber
Rich and opulent mix of  amber, wood and vanilla. It is also one of my favourite Prada creations.

Best Summer scent - Azuree Soliel Tom Ford for Estee Lauder
A blend of white flowers, coconut, a hint of caramel and citrus. It instantly makes me think about luxury summer holidays . I adore 70's-insired bottle too.

Best Unusual scent - Coeur de Vetiver Sacre by L'Artisan Perfumeur
This one has a lot of ingredients blended in it - vetiver, tea, driend fruits, musk, saffron, a bit of florals, incense and pepper but somehow I find this concoction fascinating. At first it smells like Valerian root but then it settles into wonderful mix on my skin. All ingredients are quite pure and good quality too making it a work of perfume art.

Best Day scent - L'Artisan Perfumeur L'Eau de L'artisan
Very clean, simple and fresh spicy herbal scent. Once again all ingredients are good quality so it smells like freshly picked herbs and lemons. It lasts well on my skin but stays close.

Best Gourmand scent - Sud Pacifique Amour de Cacao
Smells like good quality chocolate and vanilla. My friend told me that it doesn't smell like perfume on me, it smells like I've just eaten chocolate.

Best Winter scent - White by Comme de Garcons
Lots and lots of warm spices plus a bit of pomegranate and floral make this scent perfect for cooler months.

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