My recent purchases - DFO

 I haven't been to DFO for quite sometime. I've de-cluttered my shoe and clothes collection recently so I needed few replacements.

picked up these blue jelly thongs for $27.50 to replace...

my orange ones from last year.

 I loved my bee thongs but they deteriorated quickly. One of the stones fell out and they discoloured. So in the bin they went during de-clutter. I only had one other pair of things/sandals from Witchery so I needed another one badly for the beach and rainy weather.

I occasionally  find very good clothes at Country Road Outlet for the fraction of the original price (which I refuse to pay). On this shopping trip I found three items I fell in love with

a) White Shift Dress...RRP $199.95, paid $34.50 (faulty - had make-up on it...but a good soak in Napisan should fix it)
This dress looks better on me that it does on this picture. I imagine it being worn with turquoise necklace or nude woven belt. The fabric is quite heavy so it falls beautifully.

b) Oversized Striped Tee...RRP $69.95..paid $24.50 (faulty - tiny white mark on one of the stripes)

 I normally wear size S/XS in Coutry Road but this shirt is XL...however I don't mind an oversized fit

c) White Shirt RRP $99.95...paid $49.95 (small mark on the again can be napisaned :)

Nothing beats classic white shirt! I currently have brand new Ralph Lauren one but it is too fitted for my liking (planning to ebay it). This Country Road Shirt is very silimar to this Equipment one that I really want but can't justify spending $200 on

I picked up this mesh tand top for $28...RRP$ had a small pull at the front
It feels very nice and cool plus I like wearing brigh workout clothes (probably because I don't normally wear them otherwise)...I usually try to get my workout clothes on sale as I can't really justify spending $50+ on something that I wear for couple of hours per week and wash very often.

I picked up four gorgeous Essie nail polishes for $6 each!

 They usually retail for $18.95 at Myer so I was super excited to get these. They didn't have a huge choice of colours but I was still pretty happy with the range they had. I got three summery colours - Van D'Go (peachy pink), Knockout Pout (bright almost fluoro pink), Cascade Cool (cool lilac pink) and one autumn/winter shade Glamour Purse (gorgeous taupe - Chanel Particuliere dupe)

I love shopping at DFO but I prefer to go so when I really need something (e.g after a big cull). It makes shopping more productive and easier plus prevents impulse purchases. I don't mind buying faulty items as long as they are easily fixed (stains on fabric that can be soaked or pulls that can be trimmed off). I don't buy anything with brocken zips/heels/straps as it can be very difficult and expensive to fix.


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