Perfumes under $ top 10 picks!

Festive season is a great time to buy yourself or someone a new perfume. So many retailers are offering high-end perfumes at heavily discounted prices. I still think Chemist Warehouse has one of the widest ranges at cheapest prices. Plus they will only charge $2 for shipping untill 08/12! BTW I am not sponsored by them, just wanted to spread the word because the offers are too good :)

So here are my top picks

1. Versace Yellow Diamond (link)
Sparkly fruity-citrus scent that is quite light so perfect for summer or work

2. Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade (link)
Gorgeous light fresh green scent, probably my favourite out of the lot. It is subtle but has good lasting power.

3. Ralph by Ralph Lauren (link)
Very playful and fruity scent, reminds me of my teenage years. Will make a nice present for someone in their late teens - early 20's

4. DKNY Red Delicious (link)
This perfume smells like apples and red berries (it is similar to the original but a bit warmer and sweeter). It has good lasting power and silliage.

5. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea (link)
I always seem to have Green Tea in my collection. It smells like sweetened tea and lemons, very refreshing and perfect fro summer! It doesn't last very long but generous bottle makes up for it.

6. YSL Baby Doll (link)
This was one of the first perfumes I got myself (I was about 17 at a time).  It is very gentle but easily recognisable. It smells like roses and sweet berries to me.

7. Champ-Elysees by Guerlain (link)
I can't believe this gorgeous classic scent is selling for only $29.95! It is a strong floral scent so it may not appeal for under 20's but I would definitely get this one for my mum.

8. BVLGARI Rose Essentielle (link)
Beautiful and delicate rose scent. To me it smells very "French" and pretty. The rose in it is not overpowering plus they added some citrus to the mix to make it fresher.

9. Lovery by Sarah Jessica Parker (link)
Gorgeous, sexy and feminine scent (it reminds me of Narcisso Rodrigues for her, but a little bit sweeter). It has a good combination of musk, florals and spices in it.

 10. BVLGARI Mon Jasmin Noir (link)
Beautiful white floral scent with a hint of sweetness. I think it will appeal to a lot of people because it so well composed.


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