Boxing Day 2013

This morning Brisbane CBD appeared to be deceivingly sleepy and empty. We found parking straight away and went for a relaxing stroll through empty streets. It was nice until we reached the mall. It was crazy busy and several shops even had lines going out the door. I couldn't handle endless lines and crowds so I just went to few shops and got things I had my eye on for sometime.

My first stop was L'Occitane. I love their products and perfumes so I knew I would walk out with a thing or two. I ended up getting....

1. Delice Des Fleurs EDT 75ml...$29, reduced from $58
Smells like sugared violets and roses. The sugar is quite dry and powdery as opposed to being sticky so you end up with gourmand fragrance lingering on your skin. I am not a huge fan of sweet scents because most of them smell too cheap or suffocating but this one is very very yum and pleasant. I am in love with very French frosted bottle too.

2. Eau Captivante Cologne 50 ml...$28, reduced from $40
Very refreshing herbal citrus scent. Initially you get a big burst of lime but then it settles to a bergamot and mint middle notes. I think it is perfect for current Brisbane weather. It doesn't have good staying power but I don't mind spraying it on myself several times per day.

3. Rose Champs Solid Perfume...$9.60, reduced from $16.00
I find most L'Occitane Rose scents or too strong for my liking. This one is much nicer and fresher than the rest. The rose is still quite prominent but it is blended with grass and citrus making the scent more modern and refreshing. I got a small solid perfume because I don't want to be committed to a whole bottle of this scent.

My next stop was Priceline and they had 40% off skincare so I got...

4. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream pack...$14.99, reduced from $24.99
I gave eight hour cream to my mum and kept the lip balm.

5. Bioderma Solution Micellaire 250ml...$17.99, reduced from $39.99
Micellar Solution became a must-have in my skincare routine. I much prefer it to make-up removers as I find them too oily and some toners which can be harsh and drying. It looks like water and feels like water, but it removes make-up as well as good quality make-up remover. My first one was from Vichy but unfortunately I haven't seen it in Australia yet. Bioderma was one of the first brands to release it and it supposed to be very good.

6. Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub...$7.20, reduced from $11.99
This is my 4th tube of this stuff, I always seem to come back to Garnier Body scrub. I mainly use it before applying self-tanners. Lots of other body scrubs seems to have oily or cream base and while they leave your skin nicely moisturised after use they can interfere with self-tanners. This one has a soapy base so it doesn't leave a residue on your skin plus the particle size is perfect and it leaves your skin smooth and clean. Plus I can't get enough of yummy citrus scent.

What did you ended up getting?


  1. What time did you hit the shops? We went to Chadstone at 7am and there was barely anyone there, till we left! What did I buy? Too much to write a mini paragraph about :P $200+ worth of stuff from Priceline alone, a Christmas Tree, chocolates, Lush and other things. :)

    1. We reached shops around 10 am, probably same time as a lot of other people. I wanted to check Lush but the store was too packed. Was the sale at Lush any good?


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