My current travel must-haves

I am currently in transit travelling from Brisbane to Ukraine. The trip is very ling and involves 2 stop overs. So I've decided to stay overnight in between flights.

I am currently in Malaysia. 

Anyways...this is what I am loving ATM

                                                    1. Chanel "Romantic" travel palette 

I love every single thing in this palette. It has everything I need for eyes, lips and cheeks. The colours are very flattering and semi-sheer. It has 4 eye shadows with subtle iridescent shimmer in light beige, warm light rose, taupe and reddish brown. The cheek Colour is warm bronze-pink and it has one light iridescent lip gloss and four lipsticks in pink nude, rose and brown nude. It is perfect for soft day time look.

2. Clarins "Tonic" body treatment oil

I tend to retain a lot of water when traveling, probably because Airplaine and Take-away food is packed with salt. Plus my feet get very swollen when I fly. This oil is supposed to get rid of excess water which is exactly what I need. Plus it feels very indulgent to massage myself with it, it smells gorgeous and makes my dehydrated skin glow.

3. Sportsgirl Tote

I picked it up just before I left for only $20. I have it as my "handbag" but it fits so much! I have all my carry-on liquids, wallet, passport, book, iPad and more in there...

4. Witchery flats

I picked them up for about $40 five years ago and they lasted me so well. They've been trough a lot and survived several overseas trips. They are just as comfortable as thongs except better looking :)

5. iPad in my Marc Jacobs case

I flew with AirAsia so they didn't have on-board entertainment (but they offered to hire a tablet). My iPad made my 7.5 hour flight a lot more bearable. 
I love this MJ case, the quality is great and it has fur-like lining for better protection. I picked it up on sale from Shopbop for around $30!

6. Peter Alexander make-up bag

I got it the other day for just $4 from PA outlet. It has several compartments, a space for brushes/pencils/mascaras and is super compact.


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