Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Clearing my stash - empties...May'13 - June '13

Yes, I've finished another 10 items!

1. Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Creme (Full Size)

My overall impression - Easily absorbed and heavily scented (like a lot of other French cosmetics) hand cream. It sinks in well but it is on the lighter side in terms of moisturising properties.
Would I buy it again? - Probably not. It just wasn't moisturising enough to justify $$$ price tag.

2. Kiehl's Facial Fuel (Full Size)

My overall impression - This cream is designed for guys but I love it! It is oil-free but has creamy texture and at the same time feels refreshing. I love "manly" scent too.
Would I buy it again? - Yes! I loved using it during warmer months. It sunk in quickly and didn't break me out

3. Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Moustirser (2 x 5 ml TS)
My overall impression - I've re-discovered this moisturiser when I found couple of samples in my stash. I used to use it years ago but moved on to try other creams. I forgot how nice it actually was. It makes my skin feel great in winter and according to SA it only contain a tiny bit of oil. It suits my skin well in winter and doesn't break me out, however it might be bit too rich for summer.
Would I buy it again? - Yes, however I would pay inflated RRP for it.

4. NARS Orgasm and Laguna Duo
My overall impression - I loved this duo for a number of years. Laguna was nearly gone and Orgasm became a bit dried out, the packaging went really gross so it was time to bin it.
Would I buy it again? - No, I feel like there are better products out there. I think the days of pearly peachy cheeks and shimmery bronzer have passed.

5. Blistex Lip Conditioning Balm

My overall impression - Smooth clear lip balm with neutral scent and great moisturizing properties.
Would I buy it again? -Yes...and again...and again. I keep returning to this lip balm. It does a great job at moisturizing my lips, feels light, I don't get sick of the scent, it is very affordable and it doesn't discolour my lips, nor makes them unnaturally shiny. It also acts as a great lipstick base and keeps my lips moist for hours.

6. Softlips Rasberry Lip Balm
My overall impression - Very light clear lip balm with artificial raspberry scent.
Would I buy it again? - No, I didn't particularly like the scent plus it wasn't moisturising enough for my liking.

7. MAC Brow Pencil in Fling

My overall impression - Very fine retractable brow pencil in taupe blonde. Has good pigmentation and texture.
Would I buy it again? - No. Few years ago it was very hard to find a good brow pencil because it seemed like not many people were filling in their eye brows. MAC Fling really stood out due to its very flattering and natural shade. I got one from MAC, then got about 5 of them from US ebay seller. I am on my last one now (keep rotating between a few). It is a nice product but it runs out very quickly. Not sure if it is worth $30. These days brows are BIG so you can find something similar that will last you a lot longer. I think I also prefer brow pencils that can be sharpened so you can control the thickness.

8. Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm
My overall impression - Something between hair conditioner and treatment. It does seem to make my bleached hair more moisturised without weighting it down. It has very neutral pleasant scent
Would I buy it again? - Yes, my hair seems to like it

9. Wella SP Hydrate Shampoo

My overall impression - Light, clear, almost unscented shampoo. It cleans my hair well without making it dry. This was my 2nd bottle.
Would I buy it again? - Yes, I prefer to alternate between few shampoos (toning, protein, clarifying and moisturising). I feel like it does what it supposed to do well.

10. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

My overall impression - I don't usually go for low-end foundations but this one pleasantly surprised me. It had good packaging (glass pump bottle), good coverage (medium), good finish (radiant) and turned out to last well too. Plus it didn't break me out.
Would I buy it again?- Yes, it became my favourite day-to-day foundation. I think it works better for me in winter when my skin is a bit drier because my face can get very shiny towards the end of the day in summer when I am wearing this foundation.

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  1. I'd like to try the Rimmel foundation but I've got a few to use up first. I really enjoy the Clarins hand cream- I use it daily.