Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project 10 pan no.2...part 1

Yay, I finished another 10 items from my huge skincare, hair care and make-up range. It feels like I am getting closer to having a manageable collection. So in about 8 weeks I finished 10 items, some were full size, some generous trial size.

1. Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion  (Full Size 250 ml)
My overall impression- Nivea makes great low-cost skincare products. They are not the best out there but they are the best in their category. This body lotion moisturised well and had pleasant typical Nivea scent. On the downside it did leave flight film on my skin, scent was a bit strong and it wasn't as "luxurious" as some more expensive body lotions.
Would I buy it again? - Maybe, particularly if I need to get inexpensive body moisturiser that's available from almost any chemist and supermarket

2. Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleaser (Full Size)
 My overall impression - This is my favourite foaming cleanser. I've tried and tested various other cleansers but I keep coming back to this one. It removes make-up like no other, doesn't dry out my skin and leaves it nice and clean. You only need a small amount and it will develop into rich foam (pea size is usually enough for my entire face).
Would I buy it again? - Yes, yes yes!

3. Clinique Water Therapy Hand Cream (Trial Size 25 ml)
 My overall impression - very pleasant unscented hand cream. It felt nice on my skin and didn't leave oily or sticky residue. However it wasn't moisturising enough when my hands were really dry. This hand cream will be perfect for people who don't like or can't use scented varieties.
Would I buy it again? - only if I'll need unscented hand cream. I prefer slightly scented ones because they are a bit more "interesting"

4. Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Hand Therapy (trial size 25 ml)
 My overall impression - gorgeous coriander, lemon and honey scented hand cream. Feels very "luxurious" on my skin and moisturised it well. It didn't leave residue and the scent wasn't too strong after application. It came in metal tube so I managed to squeeze out every last bit of it. I went through few hand creams this winter!
Would I buy it again? - Yes, it was gorgeous!

5. Clarins Wonder Volume Mascara (Trial Size)

My overall impression - wow, I didn't expect this mascara to be this good! I was working through my sample stash of mascara and picked this one randomly. It made my lashes longer and fuller that any other mascara I've used recently. This is me wearing it :)
Would I buy it again? - Yes, I'll definitely get it once I go through my existing stash!

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