China Glaze The Ten Man, For Audrey + OPI Black Shatter

I really like China Glaze nail polishes. Most of them have very good formulas, come in variety of cool finishes and generally dry quick and last long.

Usually I order them online but today I found some at DFO Brisbane store called Cosmetics Fragarance Direct for $7 (glitter and crackle were $10). They didn't have a huge range (maybe 30 shades) but apparently they are going to get more in.

I've picked up one called The Ten Man which is a pale silver with fine silver glitter.
It is quite sheer but lovely nail polish. I've got two coats on that swatch.

On my nail today I am wearing China Glaze For Aurdey which is I must say one of the most popular and loved CG polishes. Plus I've got OPI Black Shatter over the top.

This was the first time I've used Shutter and it worked well for me. I applied one coat and used one stroke of the brush.

I also had a haircut today (finally). I am trying to grow my hair long and found that my regular Hair Dresser would take way too much off and give me lots of layers (circa 2004) so I needed to find a new one...badly! I wasn't sure if I prepared to pay $100+ for a hair cut at Oscar Oscar so I went to aka. Togninis. I got exactly what I asked for. My hair is still long with minimal layers plus I got a side swept fringe which sits perfectly and suits me well. Very happy! Now I just have to make a commitment and have regular trims. Do you think regular trims allow you to grow your hair longer?


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