My favorite things ATM - Hair related

I decided to share with you my favourite hair-related items. I still can't decide which shampoo and conditioner I like the best, so I'll leave them out.

1. GHD Hair Straightener doesn't need introduction. I'm pretty sure all of you at least heard about it. Even though I have straight hair it still works well for me. It makes it more polished and neat plus I can create curls and waves with it. I don't like when Hair Dressers use it on me though. They tend to drag it straight down making my hair limp and flat. I prefer to straighten only ends and my top section (I lift up around roots). It gives my fine hair more volume and it looks more natural.

2. Vidal Sassoon Wave Magic is great for creating waves. I prefer waves to curls as they look neater and easier to create. I have converted to clamp-less hair curlers, it only took me couple of goes to master the technique. It comes with heat resistant (but not proof!) glove and it has few different temperature options.

3. I picked up Lady Jane shower comb from Priceline for around $3. I use it all the time and I think it is a must-have tool if you use conditioner or hair treatments. It distributes product evenly and glides easily through wet hair. It can be hung in shower too - handy!

4. Redken Hair Cleansing Cream. This is the best and most gentle clarifying shampoo I've used. It removes residue of styling products and hair spray well without drying my hair. It smells great too (citrus-y). I loved it so much that I purchased 1L bottle of it.

5. Approximately one year ago my hair was very dry and lifeless. I went to Price Attack to get a decent treatment and Sales Assistant recommended me Wella Hydro Mask. I was a miracle! It transformed my hair! I still use it once per week. I loved it so much that I also got Hydro Milk, Shampoo and Conditioner (they were good, but mask was the star of the series). I've heard somewhere that it has been discontinued :( I hope they will just re-package it.

6. Best Toner for Blonde Hair award goes to Redken Blonde Glam Perfect Platinum toner/treatment. I have been using it ever since they have released it. It makes blond hair bright and clean without too much grey and blue undertones. Plus it also works as a treatment, leaving my hair very very soft.

7. I have tried and tested fair few hair sprays and Fudge Membrane Gas is the most impressive one so far. It feels like it creates an invisible membrane around your hair without making it too shiny, sticky or discoloured. It has excellent hold too.

8. When used correctly and sparingly Moroccan Oil is perfect leave-in treatment. I apply it on towel-dried hair once per week, then style (otherwise it can build-up in my porous hair). It smells divine too and one bottle will last you for years.

9. My friend gave me Mimco Bow Clip for as a Birthday present and I love it! It holds my hair well and made from good-quality plastic.

10. I couldn't master a perfect bun until I got a Hair Bun Maker! I like wearing my hair up, especially at work or when it is too hot or humid. It is also a lifesaver when you have to go out and look presentable but don't have time to style your hair. People always ask me how I've created such a perfect bun. It takes less than one minute to create it, simply tie your hair in a pony tail, slide it to the ends, roll towards you and shape bun maker. Secure with bobby pins and spray with hair spray! You can pick one up from ebay for less than $10.


  1. I love my GHD too. Its about 3-4 years old now but still going strong. I use the same LJ comb too. It's great for detangling without pulling the hair. I must check out the Redken Cleansing Cream though, it looks interesting. I usually love Redken stuff.

  2. Mine is 4 years old and still works as if it was brand new. I like Redken too, I think their range is very comprehensive. I wish more hair dressers used their products and stocked their range. I think it's a shame that lots of hair dressers these days use sub-standard brands to make more profit.


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