Happy New Year everyone!

For some reason I am super excited about 2012. I love January, work isn't as busy so it is time for me to relax and unwind.

I did something new to celebrate 2012 by going camping!
I've been camping once before and it was 10 years ago. I wasn't expecting much but I really enjoyed it. We went to Girraween National Park near Stanthorpe, QLD

Girraween National Park is a part of Granite Belt therefore rocks of different forms and sizes predominate the landscape.

The wildlife was diverse too, we saw many different species of birds, kangaroos and possums. You can also find lots of pretty wild flowers, particularly in spring.

Since this National Park is elevated (900m above sea level) it can get pretty cold, especially at night. So don't forget warm clothes if you decide to go there :)


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