Frugal February

I have never been on a spending ban but always wanted to try it. I already decided not to buy any make-up or skin care product this year unless I have finished everything related in my stash (like using soaps after finishing shower gels).
Frugal February idea appealed to me

I decided to make my own rules :)
- Don't buy any clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and other stuff you don't REALLY need
- Don't buy any non-alcoholic drinks, just drink tea and water
- Absolutely no make-up, shampoos, soaps etc.
- No household chemicals, use what you have and improvise if you run out of something. You will be surprised how little you actually need
- No magazines, books, DVDs, iPad apps
- No pre-packaged food, it is too expensive and quite often is very unhealthy

I am still going to eat out, go to Movies and attend other social activities.
I also plan to de-clutter as much as possible. I am planning to list at least 30 items on eBay and donate another huge bag of clothes that I no longer wear to charity.

I also plan to use my credit card for bills only!


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