Monday, December 26, 2016

Boxing Day Sales 2016

Today I got up nice and early so I could beat the mad rush and get to the boxing sales early. I wasn't brave enough to go to my local shopping centre as the parking over there would be nearly impossible to find so Brisbane CBD seemed like a better idea. I scored a parking spot only 10 minute walk to the shopping precinct and arrived to the shops at 9 20 am.

David Jones was my first stop and let me tell you it was already packed. I quickly made my way to Guerlain counter and the perfume selection and there was nothing that grabbed my attention. On my way out I've spotted Kiehl's Midnight recovery 15ml reduced to $28 so I grabbed all three. I've used this oil before and I love the way it makes my skin feel and look.

After DJ I went downstirs to Kikki K and picked up a Cute Diary pack for $20.97 reduced from $34.95 and Bucket List journal from $17.47 reduced from $24.95. I have only discovered Kikki K recently and think it is very cute store.

On the way to the Myer Centre I stopped by at Lululemon and Windsor Smith but there was nothing that really grabbed my attention. Lush was on my list but the line-up was huge so I've decided to pay Myer a visit first. I got Benefit Pinky Galore set for $55 reduced from $79. It came in the ugliest huge tin packaging in a shape of a head that I also found very wasteful but the products inside were outstanding. It contained full size Dandelion powder (RRP $51), full size the POREfessional (RRP $53), plus a mini Roller Lash and Benetints worth $20.

My next stop was L'Occitane where I found Pamplemousse Rhubarbe fragrance reduced to $51.20. It is the most gorgeous and realistic grapefruit scent and I feel to happy that I found it. So if you see it get it because it has been discontinued!

At the end I have decided to join the Lush cue that was sooo long and it literally took me half an hour before I could step into the store. However it made shopping inside the more quite pleasant as I wasn't tripping over people. All their Christmas range was half price so I got Santa in Space pack for $24.90 and Merry Christmas pack for $18.75. I am loaded with bath bombs now as Santa in Space contained two in Intergalactic and Northern light plus Twilight shower gel, Big Bang bubble bar and Santa fun soap thingy. Merry Christmas pack had four in Golden Wonder, So White, Lord of Misrule and Shoot for the Stars. All of them smell gorgeous!

By the time I was finished it was lunch time so I got rice noodle chicken salad from Ms. Chi Qi, I am a big fan as their food is always fresh and tastes delicious.

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