Marie Clare The Parcel...Winter 2016 (finally)

My review for winter edition of The Parcel was long overdue. No, I haven't been slack, in fact I only received it the other day after writing them several emails and making inquiries at my local post office. Turns out it was delivered to a completely wrong person who signed for it. I was initially told to chase it myself but it resulted in nothing. So I have demanded a tracking number for my spring parcel outlining the whole situation and finally got an apology and the parcel was delivered to me.

 My initial thought when I opened this box was "Priceline's finest selection". I don't have anything against Priceline, in fact I love getting some products from them but this is supposed to be a higher end box and I can't see any high-end products in here.

1. Colgate Optic White Toothpaste...value $2.50
I work in a dental office so I get the abundance of samples. Plus I know that this products doesn't really work and is likely to make my teeth sensitive. Professional whitening is your best bet if you want whiter teeth (strips at very least)

2. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm...value $12.95
I swear that every single Burt's Bees product I got was either from one of these boxes or DJ's sampler totes. It has a nice pink tint to it which will be good for summer.
3. Frizz Ease Anti-Fizz Primer...value $16.99
I won't even bother with this products as my hair is fine and not fizzy so it will probably weigh it down like there is no tomorrow.
4. Klorane Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins...value $1.30
it has nice herbal scent and I generally have a good luck with Klorane products. It would be nice to have matching conditioner.
5. Rituals Fortune Oil...value $1.80
This oil to foam shower oil reminds me of my favorite L'Occitane products. Except L'occitane smells nicer, this one reminds me of O'Cedar furniture polish. I think am still going to enjoy using it. 

6. MOR Rosa Noir Hand and Body Milk...value $4
Nicely scented body lotion that absorbs well however they have already included it into their Spring '15  parcel

7. Nivea Micellar Water...value $9.97
Not very exciting product but I bet it will be used to the last drop. I much prefer micellar water to the oily make-up removers and currently loving my Vichy Normaderm one.

8. The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate...value $9.80
I am still upset that TBS discontinues their Vitamin E face oil. This product is somewhere in between serum and oil.

9. Garnier Miracle Wake-up Cream...value $19.99
I had a laugh at the exuberant claims on the box. In all honesty this product would sell much better IMO if it was labelled as a make-up primer as it is loaded with silicones and is going to make your skin matte and smooth prior to make-up application.

Out of all Marie Clare's boxes this one is the most disappointing so far. Even the value of all products is much lower than the usual (approx. $79) plus there is no high-end products to try. I hope my spring parcel which is due to arrive next week delivers much more otherwise I am ending my subscription.


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