Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit review

Groomed eye brows been in the spotlight for a number of years now. They went from being well-defined, to fill and bold to full and natural. Gone are the days when I could limit my eye brow routine just to penciling them in and maybe brushing them once in a while. Now I have several pencils, powders, gel with fibre and now this BDB Best Sellers Kit.

I picked it up from Mecca couple of days ago.

The web-site version had a sharpener but mine didn't...perhaps it was a bonus offer...

 It came brow grooming gel, universal brow pencil, duo concealer pencil and concealer brush...all for $52 which is a great value considering they retail for $26-29 alone!

1. Brow gel holds them in place and gives them a nice sheen.

2. Universal pencil is very pigmented and soft so it lets you create a good shape without drugging your skin. The shade is pretty nice too - reddish taupe brown.

3. Duo concealer. Probably my favorite product as it really helps you to create perfect brow and waxy texture is also perfect for covering up blemishes (my other concealers I find are too creamy for that). I use darker shade above the brow and the lighter one as a highlight under my brow.

4. Concealer brush is perfect for blending out the product while still preserving a sharp line around you brows.

Now before and after...

As you can see I have zero make-up in my first picture and my powerful camera lens is not doing me any favors. My natural brows are tinted with light brown dye but are quite sparse.

Brow Kit later...Hello eye brows! I feel like Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon. It is definitely a welcome addition to my growing make-up collection!


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