My recent purchases


I had fair few changes in the last couple of months. Such as finding a new job and going from having three months off to working full time. Hence why I can finally spend some money on little luxuries. 

I do wear prescription glasses and have a health cover so when it rolled over on the first of July I decided to treat myself to a new pair. I stopped at 
Laubman & Pank at Carindale and fell in love with Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses. A week later they got fitted with my prescription and viola I have a new pair of awesome sunglasses. 

I have been shopping on Strawberrynet again and picked up new Guerlain Allegoria fragrance - Limon Verde who his a refreshing sweet green citrus. Plus I couldn't resist another Nesti Dante soap. I've discovered them few months ago and they are my favourite soaps right now. They are all beautifully scented and have a huge variety to choose from, create gorgeous silky leather and fill my whole bathroom with gorgeous scent. 


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