Unforeseen circumstances

Couple of years ago I was very very stressed for a long time. I've reached a point where I had to seek professional help and it did pay off. I came up with plans A, B and C, sorted my finances and other aspects of my life...

Everything was sailing smoothly and I just returned from a ten day holiday where I took this beautiful photo.

So yesterday was just another Monday, I returned to work and was warmly welcomed back by my colleagues. I was happy to see everyone and actually didn't mind being there. I suspected nothing until all three members of our department was asked to attend a meeting. I saw a senior management there and an Angel of Death from HR, I knew something was up. We got informed that our whole department is being made redundant. WOW! I was never made redundant before but have a lot of friends and family who have. Surprisingly, even for myself, I took the news well. I think it helped stressing about it a long time ago and realizing that it is not the end of the world. While I will miss my workplace and my colleagues I see it as a new chapter of my life. The only thing I am worrying about is uncertainty. 

Otherwise I treat it as a bit of a break and me time. Finally I can embrace it an do things I never had a chance to before. So this is what I am planning to do to keep myself occupied, happy and sane:
  • Have schedule for at least few hours per day.
  • Wake-up and go to bed around normal times (trust me I can easily stay up until 3 am and wake up at 12).
  • Do at least one work-related activity per day (M-F), be it a job search, LinkedIn update, expression of interest or approaching people I know.
  • Don't let housework and personal grooming slide - schedule it in the day. Now there is no excuse for chipped nail polish or messy living room.
  • It is a very good time to de-clutter. Even though I got rid of few things last year I can re-assess my belonging and get rid of few things. 
  • Exercise! There is no excuses now and going to the gym or a walk is a good way to get out of the house. 
  • Cooking. Home-made meals not only tastier and healthier but they also cost significantly less.
  • Take time to do things I enjoy - painting, Pinterest, blogging, playing video games and watching TV.
 On the downside I really have to watch my finances and stick to the basics. Luckily I got rid of my credit card debt last year and have no debts apart from mortgage. I also got a payout that I have to stretch out to cover my repayments for the near future. Luckily I was indulging myself prior and I have a good supply of make-up, hair products, perfumes, skincare, clothes and gym wear to last me a while and don't feel deprived.


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